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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Me. Better Blogger. That's the Goal.

So, it's March. Officially March. Weird. Cause yesterday totally felt like March to me. Oh right, it's that Leap Day thing. Throws me off every 4 years. Like time change for Daylight Savings or whatever.

For my first March post I think it's time for more reflecting. No, that random post a couple days ago does not count. Should be noted this post may turn out to be nonreflecting. I crack myself up.

I have been pretty much ignoring the blog. Posting of new blogs has been lean. Reading of blogs, slow and hardly no commenting. Guess that makes me a blog stalker? That sounds creepy. Moving on. So there's be a whole lotta ignoring going on. I would really like to fix that. I'd like to blog more regularly. Only, I think that would totally mean I'd have to schedule things better. My time management can suck.

GS Cookie time totally threw me a curve ball. I wasn't blogging last Cookie Season. Being Cookie Mom is pretty much a suck hole of your life. Your life just revolves around it and you make everything else work around it. Too bad, cause I maybe could've shared some nice posts. Like how very unseasonable our weather has been and how we totally enjoyed it. There could've even been some funny moments. Like, how one of our girls drew Santa on a sign. So, I guess that GS Cookies are the preferred cookie of Santa?

So my goal is to be more disciplined. Or something like that. I want to more than just an occasional blogger. This brings up the question, Am I really a blogger? I think I am. Right now I am just a So So Blogger but I'd really like to be an Okay Blogger. The title probably needs work. Okay Blogger? Sounds like Whatever Blogger. So, I need to buckle down and make it work. But how?

I can't see myself typing out any kind of post at night time after the kids are in bed. One, I'm usually flat to tired for coherent thought. That's why I love twitter. No need to be coherent. Plus, with 8 in the house it can be chaotic at night around here. Two, after the kids go to bed is when I watch TV or spend time with Hubs. We usually watch a movie. Ya know, when I'm not watching TV. Three, I am not sure if I can embrace scheduling posts. I'd have to think ahead. I'm not real good at that. In case you've missed it I can post a bunch of random. I really need to pick up doing something like VlogTalk or Mama Kat's Workshop again. That would at least give me 2 posts a wk, even if they are prompted. I just need to get back into a rhythm. Just not one that makes it seem like I have no time for anything else.

Also, I have a FB page, I think it's a fan page. I really do nothing with it but post that I've got a new blog post. I have no idea how to make that work. Or if I even need to be worrying about it right now.

In addition to figuring out how to become a steady blogger, I've challenged myself to get more healthy and fit. I am not focused on weight loss right now. So this week, I've started walking everyday. We'll see how that works on the weekends. I've also set a goal to Zumba 3 times a week. XBox Kinnect makes that pretty easy. I'm hoping that this will help me be a little more fit. Or at least not seem so out of shape. Maybe some good posts can come out of that?

So, what are your blogging suggestions? How do you make it work? I don't wanna be a quitter and just walk away from it and be a comment only type.