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Friday, July 29, 2011

These Things Happen

I'm a grown up. At least that's what my age of 33 tells me. And yet? Yet I still have my moments when I act like a teenager. Like most anytime Rach and I get together & especially at concerts like NKOTBSB. Makes sense, right? Well, of course it does.

Then there are other days I make crazy decisions that seemed good but weren't. If you follow me on twitter you probably already know where this is headed. For the rest of you, sit tight and try not to laugh too hard, Okay? Okay.

Wednesday started like any other day. Normal. Or what qualifies as normal when you have 3 kids under the age 10 and live with your in laws. I was determined to clean the whole house, especially the kids room. Dave had told me that Mom said it needed to be done. Well, the kids never seem to be able to do it perfectly right. So to save myself the fuss at them I did it myself. Since I was cleaning it I thought might as well clean it from top to bottom. (ceiling to floor) All was going great UNTIL I made the incredibly bad decision to stand on the rocking chair to clean the ceiling fan and the ceiling corners of the room. No, I didn't fall but apparently some how managed to pull a muscle. Didn't notice this til after I had finished their room, cleaned the bathrooms, and the living room. Totally forgot we had a step ladder. (You know, small in house one)

You'd think that'd be enough. You'd be wrong. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. Yesterdya I noticed the living room ceiling fan was really nasty. Off I trotted to get the things I'd need to clean it. Step ladder and swiffer extend reach duster. All was fine til I was stepping down off the ladder. BOOM! Next thing I know, I'm on the floor wondering what in tarnation happened. Jarred my back, lovely, and had instant headache. My girls, bless them, came to hug and kiss Mama on the floor. Bridge helped me up after moving the ladder. I managed to get the ladder put up. Bridge decided to vacuum. I finished vacuuming, since she only vacuumed the spot where all the dust was.

I'm accident prone, yes. But this? This was crazy even for me. It was pointed out to me that we have a swiffer extend a reach is in the house. Why yes, yes we do. EXCEPT I'm short and also you really cannot clean the fans properly unless you can hold one blade so the fan doesn't spin around whilst you clean it. Otherwise, you're just rearranging the dust. I know that the women reading this are nodding their heads in agreement. Men are probably shaking their heads.

Last night, I thought Meg was getting sick. Bridge was finally better. (She'd been ill for 2 days) Meg kept complaining of a headache. Gave her tylenol and cuddled her. No fever. Just the near constant crying and not wanting to be anywhere but with me. Best I can figure, she slept funny the night before and has a sore muscle. She's prone to the most awkward sleeping positions known to man. Our bed, hardly big enough for 2 let alone 3. I gave up. I hobbled to the couch in the office carrying my leopard blanket and fluffy pillow. Today, Meg complaining much less and running around like no one's business.

Whilst hubby cleaned up Coco mess and whatever disaster the kids made of the kitchen, I went to take a shower. Not planning to shave but decided to since I couldn't stand it any more. After getting dressed hubby feels my legs and says there not so bad. I look at him and said it's because I shaved them! He was like, Oh. Me, I'm like what the heck was I thinking. Anyways...yeah.

As if all that wasn't bad enough.....

TMI WARNING: I give you full permission to stop reading. Especially if you're male.

You've Been Warned!

I've had a UTI almost all week! I've had very little caffeine drinks and all the water I can stand to drink. Basically it's water all day long. Not just a glass here or there but 2 12oz glasses back to back. I maybe have like 5-6 or so glasses of water in hour time span. Attempting to flush everything out. After a trip to the bathroom I drink a 6oz glass right then and there. Then begin it all again. I think I'm going to have to admit defeat and call the doctor. And add cranberry juice. I keep forgetting to ask hubby to get some. He feels horrid about it all. Let's face it, he probably feels a tad guilty. Whatever. These things, they happen.

I'm miserable. I'm in pain literally everywhere. And clearly I felt the need to share. If you read this whole post, way to stick it out and reading every word! If not, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Positive Tuesdays ~ Lost Art of Letter Writing

It's been awhile since I've done a Positive Tuesday post. It's Tuesday, right? Ok, good. Now that we've established that, on to the post.

Last week I e-mailed the Girl Scout (GS) office in my area. You see, Bridge came home from her Day Camp with the wrong patch, I was pretty sure of it. She came home with the big camp patch. I thought I recalled that you got the big Day/Twilight Camp Patch for first camp. Every Day/Twilight Camp thereafter you got a smaller sun/moon patch. I got an email and a phone call back . First saying she'd look into it. Second saying I was correct and she'd send Bridge the Sun Patch. This was a good thing.

Day/Twilight Camp Big Patch

Today in the mail came a letter addressed to Bridge. It was from GS. I knew what it was. I opened it. Hubby said I shouldn't have opened it and let Bridge open it. I'll give him that. I should've. I put it back in the envelope just the way I found it. Found Bridge told her she had mail. That I was very sorry I opened it first.

What was in that envelope was more than just her patch. It was actual hand written note to Bridgette. Bridge has taken the letter and put it away for safe keeping. Saying she'll always remeber it. Seeing that look on my daughter's face made my day. Reading it to her because she's just learning to read, was an honor.

Sun Patch

The Note Said:

Dear Bridgette,

I hope you had a Fantastic summer out at the Pecan Grove & Wildlife Trails Camps. Here is your sun patch you earned by going to 2 camps this summer.

In Girl Scouting,

(name signed here)

P.S. Hope to see you at Camp next year! =) 

It's just a short note. Jotted down on GS note paper. But it was hand written and addressed to my daughter. Not to me. Not a form letter. Far more than sorry for the mistake and here's the correct patch.

When I went looking for the note to share with y'all I found it in the display cabinet shelf thing in the kids room. In front of a picture of me at about 6 (the age of Bridge) partially under a lady bug from some GS event, next to Sean's Disney Pixar Cars 2 cars, and partially under a small ceramic vase painted at a GS Meeting (she came home with the wrong vase but kept it anyway instead of demanding/asking to swap with the girl that had hers). It was neatly folded back up and placed with utmost care in a special place to Bridgette but on display for any and all who knew where to look.

I am now planning to get a Thank You card and have Bridge help me with it. I'll have her write a simple Thank You and I plan on being bit more detailed. A personal note with the patch deserves a personal note of thanks.

I think it's a shame how the lost art of letter/note writing is going by the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I totally love e-mail, texting, Twitter, and Facebook. Love technology. I love I can chat with people all over. Love that I can have a chat with my BFF that is a little less interrupted than a phone call. It touches my heart to have someone take that kind of time to write a note. It makes me glow when they do so for one of my kiddos. I'm also the kind that appreciates reading e books but adores the feel of a paper back in her hands.

Also I'm proud that this lady is just another teaching by example the GS Promise & GS Law. Which is not unique to GS by any means but in this day and age it's good to know that values still matter and are being reinforced by others not just parents.

The Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be,
honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,
and to, 
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place, and
be a sister to every Girl Scout.

May the art of note and letter writing with actual pen and paper never be lost. I know it will never be lost on my Bridgette. And us sending a Thank You card, will only reinforce that sometimes it matters to take the time to personally write something.

Big Brother 13 ~ Episode 8

Looking for my BB13 Post?

Please visit HERE to read it.. Thanks to The Media Blast for hosting my Big Brother Blog Recaps.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother ~ Episode 6

FYI: This post has been in draft for days. For various reasons decided to publish it today, 7-24-11.

POV Competition ~ Alliances Visibly Cracking

During the recap of the Nominations Ceremony we see that after Jordan explains that her choice was strategic and she's gotta watch out for her and Jeff, Adam tells Mama's Boy to fight.

Adam in Diary, "Jordan told me that if I'm up on the block that I'm not the main target. So I gotta put a lot of faith in Jeff and Jordan. That's all I got right now"

We see Lawon hug Mama's Boy and tells him, "You gotta fight."

Mama's Boy in Diary, "Being put up on the block sucks. I knew I was the target coming in. I have big suspicions that Adam stabbed me in the back. He is a traitor. I think he's betraying me. So I have to win Veto or I'm done."

Jordan in Diary, "After talking to everyone, I felt like Dominic (Mama's Boy) was the ring leader of the group. So that's why Dominic's the main target. Even though I don't trust Adam, we have to work with him for right now"

Rachel in Diary, "Jordan what are you doing?! Cassi is the target to get out of here! Not Dominic. If I can't even trust you and Jeff to make the right choices at nominations, what am I gonna be able to trust you guys with going forward?"

Cassi and Mama's Boy talking in Have Not room. Cassi asked Mama's Boy if he's alright. He says he is and he knew it was happening. Cassi asks him if he feels like he has a shot. He says it all depends on the deal Adam made with JJ. Cassi tells him to cut a better deal. Mama's Boy doesn't like that idea at all.

Mama's Boy in Diary. "I tried to sell my soul to Jeff and Jordan before noms. Tried to keep myself off the block but that didn't work. So I can't trust my partner. I'm solo. I'm flying solo the whole way."

Lawon joins Cassi and Mama's Boy in Have Not Room. He tells Mama's Boy he has to fight. Adam walks in. Says, "Dang! Huh?" 

MB (Mama's Boy) asks Adam if he's alright. Adam says yeah. MB tells him we gotta win that Veto. Adams says something bout their backs against the wall and underestimating the heart of a champion. Adam tells MB they gotta stay classy. At this point you could feel/see the tension of the group in the Have Not Room.

In HOH Room Adam walks in and tells Jordan at least he gets a chance to fight for Veto. Jordan tells Adam she told Jeff that she thought Adam was upset and that Jeff needed to talk to him again. It's rehashed again between Jordan and Adam that he's not the target. She tells Adam the best thing to do for Veto is to sabotage it. That Team Rocky has his back.

Now Rachel and Bubbles are in Have Not Room talking bout how Cassi has to get out before they get separated. Rachel tells Bubbles Cassi's a floater. She doesn't play the game well. Lawon comes in.

Lawon in Diary, "I see Prosche and Rachel talkin. That is mischiveous. Those girls are always up to no good. I'm just shakin my head." (I agree with him.)

In the Bright Room we see Daniele and MB talking. Dani tells MB anything she tells him he cannot tell anybody cause its' for his benefit.

Daniele in Diary, "Even though Jordan nominated Dominic for evicition, there's plenty of game left to be played before Veto. So, I'm not stressing out just yet because there's a lot of moves I can make."

In Bright Room Dani tells MB she pushed and pushed to get Cassi out but they wanted him out. They both agree that Jeff and Rachel can't keep their mouths shut and will sink their own ships. (This is mostly likely more true of Rachel than Jeff IMHO)

MB in Diary, "My relationship with Daniele is definitely building kinda growin. I feel like there's a chemistry between us.....I think it's building into a sense of trust. We can actually maybe play this game together."

Dani in Diary, "I need Dominic to fully trust me in this game. I want Dominic making my moves. I need him to realize that my moves are gonna benefit him in this game, at least for now."

We see Dani telling MB that she's not here to pay for somebody's wedding or vacation and that everyone gets caught up being friends with people and that's what cost you in the game.

Dani and Rachel in washroom talking how they want MB to win the Veto and they don't trust Cassi.

Daniele in Diary, "I definitely do not hate Cassi but if I see a bus I'm not afraid to give her a little push.That way I can work with Dominic"

Rachel wants to know why Jeff wants MB gone so bad. Dani tells her it's cause they don't trust him. (DUH!)  Rachel says she trust him more than Cassi. (I'm on the fence bout Cassi but of the two I think she's the lesser evil)  Rachel and Dani are both agreed that Cassi's gotta go.

Now in the backyard we see Rachel, Brendon, & Jordan. Rachel is talking about how they, Jeff, and Dani are legit and Cassi cannot be trusted. Brendon says Cassi is super shady and she needs to get the hell out. Jordan just kind of nods and goes along with it.

Jordan in Diary, "Cassi just said one thing to Rachel about Porsche (Bubbles) and Rachel's blowing int waaay outta proportion.  It's a little bit exaggerated and a little bit dramatic, it's almost ridiculous."

Later in HOH Room we see Jordan talking to Jeff about how with Rachel she needs to be one way and she hates to feel like she's being two faced. She tells Jeff they're playin a game and they're slowly getting Cassi on their (Team Rocky) side. Jeff tells her to talk to Cassi if she wants and that she needs to relax. He also says he doesn't understand why everyone's ging crazy. 

Jeff in Diary, "Brendon and Rachel are putting a lot of pressure on Jordan and myself to get rid of Cassi. Cassi doesn't like Rachel and Brendon but she does like Jordan and myself. It is Jordan's HOH so we're going to do what obviously what benefits us. You kinda get fed up with game talk in the Big Brother House. And when you have people like Brendon and Rachel in here it's like that little gnat in your ear that you can't stand. That's kinda Rachel all the time. It's not our first rodeo...So Please Rachel relax. It's only two weeks into this game and already I can't take you. I need some Rachel Off" (AMEN! Rachel is ok in small proportions but I don't think I could live with her at all. At this rate I don't know how much longer Team Rocky is going to be in tact. Looks like lines are soon to be drawn)

Back in HOH Room we see Cassi and Jordan. Jordan tells Cassi that people are throwing her under the bus. Cassi says she knows. Jordan tells her it's cause she's pretty. Jordan reiterates that everyone is like Cassi, get Cassi out.

Jordan in Diary, "Rachel is jealous cause Cassi is beautiful. Rachel likes to be the center of attention."

Cassi tells Jordan what she likes is that they (JJ) are solid people and will make their own decision bout me.

Cassi in Diary, "This right here is why I didn't admit that I am a model. Because I didn't want this jealous  petty girl shenanigans to ruin my game. It's happenin anyway so I guess I coulda just been honest about it"

Cassi tells Jordan she's not gonna stress over it and just play for her self and Shelly.

Veto Competition Meeting:

6 players will play. The nominees (MB/Adam), the HOH & partner (JJ), and one other duo.

Adam in Diary, "I made a deal with Jeff and Jordan to throw the Veto and I still intend on doin that. Sorry Dom."

Jordan pulls Brendon/Rachel from the bag to compete in Veto.

MB in Diary, "I'm going in the Veto Comp against Jeff and Jordan, and then the super duo gets picked, Brendon and Rachel. Are you kidding me?! Wh am I bringing along with me? Come on Adam. Yeah, you're a 300 pound paper weight. This is horrible. I'm gonna get destroyed."

Dani is chosen as the Host for the Veto Competition.

Jordan tells the House that Big Brother will inform them when the competition is to begin. Good Luck.

After the Veto Comp selection meeting, Rachel tells Brendon let's go in here. (Pantry) She asks Brendon if he would be willing to change the nominations if they win the Veto. He says yeah. Rachel says she thinks JJ is doing what's best for JJ. Brendon tells Rachel they can't do this behind JJs back.

Rachel in Diary, "Jeff and Jordan are definitely working for themselves." (and Rachel isn't? o_O) "So Brendon and I gotta take control of the situation. We gotta do what we gotta do."

Rachel tells Brendon she's scared that Jordan is so easily influenced. Brendon tells her that's why she can't leave her alone with Cassi. She tells Brendon if they can make a deal with Dominic, pull them off the block, thy'll have a lot of power.

Rachel in Diary, "Cassi is a snake and a liar. So she's gotta go."

Rachel and Dani in Bright Rooom. Rachel tells Dani what she talked to Brendon about. Dani tells her that's really risky. Brendon enters. Rachel says they need to win and make a deal with MB.

Dani in Diary, "I'm super excited, that Brendon and Rachel are on bored wanting to keep Dominic in this House. But if Brendon and Rachel use the Veto, it's going to cause a huge upset in our alliance but in the end nobody's gonna be mad at me. I'm still gonna get what I want."

Racehl tells Dani, "'s not like we're turning on them. They're making bad decisions. (Whatever helps her sleep at night)

Veto Competition:

Backyard looks like Candy Store exlpoded. Dani dressed in some Candy Queen get up complete w/Lolluypop Sceptre, crown, robe, and cute heart shaped sun glasses.

Dani announces that players will be playing as individuals. 

Dani reading the rules, "The winner has the sole power to take one duo off the chopping block. To win this Veto simply be the first to chew enough gumballs to cover all the Xs on your canvas to complete your Veto portrait. On go, chew your gumballs one at a time across the balance beam and to your canvas."

Jordan in Diary, "Oh I'm gonna be good at this! I walk and chew gum all the time."

Dani, "If you fall you are eliminated from the competition UNLESS you are willing to accept wo weeks of Slop to continue in the race. BUT beware a second fall and you out for good.The first player to compete your portrait wins the Power of Veto."

Jeff in Diary, "Adam said he's gonna throw this competition. So as long as one of the verterans win Dominic's going home."

Brendon in Diary, "Jeff and Jordan don't know it but Rachel and I want to win the Power of Veto and get Dominic off the block and send Cassi out here. At the end of the day, Rachel and I are in here for the two of us." (Dun dun dun)

Rachel in Diary, "....I did gymnastics, Oh Awesome! I can totally do this!" (I hope she falls on her face!)

We watch as players chew and cross the balance beam. Some wobbling. 

Jordan is the first one out. She says that she'll take 2wks of slop but Jeff practically begs her not to. She finally agrees. In Diary Jeff says that she has no chance of winning and he didn't want her to be on Slop just to prove she has heart and is a good competitor. 

Rachel in Diary, "Jordan doesn't take the Slop and I get so frustrated. This just proves more than ever that Brendon and I need to take control back of this house."

During the Vet Comp Rachel gets catty and says, "...the HOH isn't palying then maybe we shouldn't be."

A few people say "Good Job Jordan" (didn't catch who but for sure wasn't Rachel)
Jeff says in Diary his blood is boiling and he can't stand little shots like that.

Shortly after Rachel falls and takes 2wks of Slop to continue. (her falling was not dramatic enough for me but the guaranteed Slop is hilarious!) Rachel continues to mouth, says she's just gonna miss wine. (Thinking of calling her Bitchel, really.)

Jeff in Diary, "What the hell is Rachel's problem? There's no reason for her or Jordan to take a 2wk Slop"

Rachel falls again. (Oh happy day!)

On the bench Bitchel says she's pissed. Brendon wants to know how he's doing. Bitchel tells him he's doing good, that MB almost has 2 circles filled, Jeff is more than half way done, and Adam is way behind. (even though Adam's plan was to throw this Veto he said in Diary he has bad balance and didn't learn to ride a bike til he was 21. Interesting, no?)

Bitchel continues to give Brendon the play by play. (Amazing the concentration of the players to tune her out. Except for Brendon who is clearly immune to her voice)

MB wins the Veto. 

In Diary MB says how he did it and he's not going anywhere. (DANGIT! He also forgets that his "partner" is safe, too.)

Immediately after the Veto Comp Jeff tells Bithcel he didn't appreciate her comments. Bitchel seems to be little confused as to why Jeff would be upset. That she just needs to do what she needs to do and not worry bout what Jordan does.

In Diary Jeff says, "...Rachel's running wild with her comments. Been a problem from the beginning. So, somebody has to set her straight."

Bitchel gets huffy shakes her head and tells Brendon she's done, it's over. (Team Rocky is cracking for all to see)

Bitchel recaps for Brendon what she said to set Jeff off. Brendon tells her she can't be saying things like that. Tells her don't worry bout it. You knew what was gonna happen. Why say that? You shouldn't take the Slop. If she wasn't you shouldn't. He tells her he's behind her 100%.

Brendon in Diary, "I cannot have Rachel freaking out. Especially in front of everyone. HELLO! Rachel! Come On! I love you but please baby use your head. "

Jeff tells Bitchel they'll talk inside & it's not nice what she said, putting people on the spot.

MB says it's some drama in the house right now. In Diary he says it's music to his ears.

(Really, Team Rocky shouldn't have had this blow up/discussion for all in the house to see)

Ever dramatic and not to miss a moment to show it, Bitchel goes to bushes/trees to cry. (we cannot see her at this point but can hear her. Could prob hear her even if no mic)

Brendon in Diary, "Jeff and Rachel got in a fight during the Veto. Now Rachel's crying in the bushes. I need her just to calm down. I can't have the rest of the house seeing this craziness going on in our alliance."

Brendon talking to Bitchel in the bushes. She says she's a competitor. She wasn't trying to prove she's better than Jordan. (BS! about the proving she's better part) Says Jeff had no right to yell at her. (Whatever. I say he had a right though not best idea to do so publicly)

Kalia in Diary, "Rachel going and crying in a bush is lame. If you're going to step up to the pate and step up to the dog and you're going to start calling all kinds of things out you better be able to back it up. Don't let your mouth write a check your butt cassh." (I'm really starting to like her)

Bitchel whining bout how she's embarrassed because she fell. (she should be embarrassed bout this scene she's putting on) Brendon tells her not to be embarrassed.  That she took a 2wk Slop with a chance she might win. He thinks that's pretty valiant. (I think it's stupid. Why take Slop unnecessarily) "You fight as hard as I do. I'm very proud of you."

Jeff in Diary, "Brendon has a level head. I know he's thinking exactly what I'm thinking, he's gotta calm Rachel down. Do whatever he needs to do. Pet her ego...Get her in check"

Lawon in Diary talks about how he had no clue what Brendon was doing. Praying, talking to himself, talking to a bush. "....Everybody really went crazy."

Brendon still talking to Bithcel. Tells her they'll go talk to them when everything/everybody is calmed down. That they're stepping up their game. They could very well put them (Brendon/Rachel) up. Tells her that she needs to keep all her emotions inside. She tells him she can't, that's why she's hiding in the bushes. She finally comes out of the bushes. Brendon hodls her tells her "Poker Face. Go straight to back room?" She says, "I'm hungry and I want some slop."

As Brenchel enter the kitchen no one says anything to them. 

Cassi in Diary, "The more dramatics and fights that happen in the house, especially between the veterans themselves, that I have no part in the better it makes me look in the long run. Rachel's shenanigans are absolutely okay two thumbs up with me. Keep diggin sister. Take Brendon with you."

Only Jordan says anything after Brenchel comes through. "Awkward. So awkward." 

In Have Not Room we see MB posing for camera and strutting his stuff (or lack thereof) 

In Diary MB talks bout how for the first time in this game one of the Vets hasn't won a competition. Right off the bat Rachel is screaming. Wonderful for him and for the house.

Adam in Diary saying how it couldn't have gone better. He did what he said. Dominic won Veto he's gonna pull em off the block. He kept his word and his off the block. 

JJ heads upstairs to HOH Room. Jordan tells Jeff not to be so mad. He tells her he's pissed he lost and that this isn't the Rachel show. He asks Jordan if she knew she was that far behind and why she wanted to go on Slop. Why'd Rachel get so upset? Jordan tells him she didn't know she was that behind and that maybe Rachel thinks that's the way competitors should be. Jeff says that's the way idiots are.

In Diary Jordan says she think Bitchel feels she has to win every compettion and if she doesn't it's the end of the world. And that Rachel's mouth is gonna get her in trouble. (Preach on Jordan!)

Jeff tells Jordan that Rachel should've waited til after the competition to say something not in the middle of it. Jeff basically says that's why people didn't like Bitchel last year and that she's (Rachel) insane. (Maybe she is but she's part dumb a lot of the time) Jordan says they still gotta work with them. Jeff says he can't with her mouth like that and it's gonna come to a breaking point.

In Diary Jeff wonders if Bitchel is more of a liability than an asset and that he knows they need Brenchels help to get through next couple of weeks and that the thought has crossed his mind to backdoor Brenchel.

Jordan tells Jeff she really doesn't want to put Cassi/Shelly on the block. Jeff says their team is starting to rattle.

In Bright Room Bitchel asks Brandon if Jeff is dumb enough to put them up. Brendon says no and that she (Bitchel) needs to go talk to them and apologize. She says she knows and she will. He tells her she has to mean it and two wrongs don't make a right. (Bithcel seems preoccupied rolling her eyes and seems bit huffy. A lot like a toddler not getting their way) Brendon says it's only week two and they're already falling a part. Bitchel says, "I could be a bitch and say I don't appreicate your girlfriend winning HOH cause we let her." Brendon says, "Oh My God! What are you saying right now?!" (clearly Bithcel has lost what little was left of her mind) He tells Bitchel to stop. Bithcel says no wonder America hates her. (Ding Ding Ding We have a Winner! It's her bitching/whining that gets on peoples last never and that laugh but really that could be overlooked if she didn't bitch all the time)

Later we see Brenchel go to HOH Room. Bitchel tells Jordan she's sorry and she was out of line. Jordan tells Bithchel she's not mad at her. Bitchel says she just gets so caught up in compettions she doesn't really notice what she's saying or doing. (or something like that) Brendon says there's no reason for them to be fighting and let Lawon win Big Brother. (LOL)

When Brenchel leaves the HOH Room Jordan tells Jeff Bitchel is "freaking nuts!"

Cassi and Shell go into HOH Room to talk w/Jordan. Jordan says how she wishes she wasn't HOH this week and how she likes everyone. And how Cassi/Shelly are the last people she wants to put up. Cassi asks if they've considered back dooring Brenchel. Cassi tells em to think about it and eventually they have to get Brenchel out. Cassi tells Jordan to watch her back. That Brenchel would do it to them in a heart beat.  Jordan points out the Vets automatically teamed up and that if she turns now the numbers are not in her favor.

In Diary Jordans says she confused and if she back doors Brenchel her whole alliance will be mad at her. She's torn between what's best for her or what's best for her alliance.

Jordan tells Cassi/Shelly she'll talk to Jeff.

When she talks to Jeff he says he'll stand by her. That they will be hard to beat later on.

Veto Ceremony:

MB uses the Veto to save himself and Adam. (No surprise)

Jordan replaces them with Shelly/Cassi. (Predictable)

Final Thoughts: 

I think Cassi will be out. Kinda stinks but you know someone has to go. As far as I can tell no one is worried/upset with Shelly at the moment. Plus, Shelly is secretly on the Vets side. I definitely think that Jordan would've put up Brenchel but smartly didn't want that fight just now. You always want numbers in your favor.

Big Brother ~ Epidsode 5

FYI: This post has been in draft for days. For various reasons I didn't publish it before. Decided to post it today, 7-24-11.

Big Brother ~ Episode 5 Have/Have Not & Eviction Nominations

We see Bubbles in Diary saying how sad she is to see Keith go...NOT!

Then we see Jeff in Diary about how he hopes Bubbles is on their side and numbers on growing in their favor. (Team Rocky)

Mamas Boy in Diary says he's upset to know that 2 of the Newbies turned traitor. Says he feels like he has been shanked multiple times.

Kalia in Diary says Keith calling her out  in front of the Newbies prompted her vote against him.

Shelly in Diary says she's aligned with the Team Rocky and the best part the Newbies don't know it's her.

Adam in Diary says that after Keith walked out that door reality set in the the Newbies were not united. Everybody put on a face to show they were upset but at this point he knows not to trust anybody.  (Guess he's not fully on board w/Team Rocky.)

Lawon in Diary says he has been completely blindsided. To know that two people from our side went to the other side, that's gost me furious like a volcano on a hot day in Hawaii gettin ready to erupt. (I'm thinking theres a lot he says that makes no sense but it's funny)

Back to Bubbles in Diary talking bout how she has her Golden Key and cannot be evicted til 10 are left. Even though she cannot compete in competition she can still vote.

Rachel in Diary talking bout what a tough spot they were in but how they were still able to pull it off the House majority. If the Newbies had really banded together they could've evicted Bubbles. She's thankful the Newbies are idiots.

Back to Jeff in Diary once again saying how great Jordan did today (in HOH Competition) and how she's underestimated. (I think he has a point)

Jordan in Diary YAY! I just won HOH! I don't have to worry bout somebody coming after me. They can worry bout me coming after them. It's the best thing could happen.

Cassi in Diary saying it's scary for the *insert air quotes* New Kids  *end air quotes* to have a Veteran in power again cause we know without a doubt it's one of us goin up. And we just can't afford to lose another vote. It sucks. 

We then see the Vets celebrating in the bright room (no idea what it's called). Jeff tells, "Jordan I can't believe you sunk it. I'm not gonna lie my heart was thumping." Rachel says, "Did you see their faces?!" 

We then get to see the Newbies in the Have Not Room discussing who turned. They all say they'd like to know who it was. Lawon says, "I'm so pissed right now. Reason I was crying is because I was pissed. I stuck my ass out for everybody on our team and somebody...But guess what? It's on and crackin"

Enter Adam. Someone asks if anyone is goin to admit they (Team Rocky) came to them at all. Cassi and Mamas Boy say no one came to them. Adam says they came to him and he said yes to their face but was like no. Talks bout how Dick came to him and said he had to throw HOHs and stuff. Cassi asks why he'd say yes. Adam says something like It's Dick, why would I say no? Dominic walks out.

Adam in Diary says Mamas Boy just walked out. Made me think he didn't want to stay around cause he was the rat. And was afraid he'd get called out.  (I am so laughing at this point. Always amused when the House splits and no one knows who defected)

Kalia in Dirary saying that there's two people in their that are lying about their votes and I'm not gonna tell em one was me.

Back in Bright Room  Kalia says thats the one thing they (Team Rocky) have cause no matter what they stick together. Adam speculates he's the next target. 

Rachel enters asks "How's everything goin?" 

Kalia says, "Two of our own didn't vote the way we were supposed to." 

Rachel, "Are there sides?" 

Cassi says, "It's not a matter of sides it's how we all felt about Bubbles, is all." 

Rachel, "Some of us like Bubbles. And she's here now for a month." (said as she walks out of Have Not Room)

Cassi, "I'm not gonna be bullied."

Back in Bright Room Mamas Boy says he wants to know where the votes were. That he thought they (Vets) were indifferent. Jeff says they are. Mamas Boy wonders who are the two votes they got. Who did y'all get? Jeff says he doesn't know. Dom wants to know who they went to. That they didn't come to him. Jeff points out he (Mamas Boy) didn't come to them. The discussion continues along this line. I really think Dom thought Jeff would rat someone out. 

In the pantry Bubbles and Rachel are having a whispered party and Bubbles tell Rachel that Lawon is being so funny, he cried about it.

Bubbles in Diary saying that Cassi started this We Hate Bubbles Club that she's the sole member of. Sooner or later she (Cassi) will be voted out. (Right now I think that as soon as Team Rocky gets what they want after Golden Key runs out Bubbles better watch her back, but I like Team Rocky and Shelly)

In Bright Room Daniele tells Kalia thanks. Kalia tells her, "They all think it's Adam. Cause your dad approached him and asked him to do things. They're all freaking out."

Shelly enteres Purple Room where Adam is. Asks if he's ok. Adam says he's not. Shelly tells him not to play with his partner anymore, play individually. Go make a deal. 

In Diary Adam says that Mamas Boy walking out on him when he came clean that the Vets came to him made him stop trusting Dom.

Mamas Boy and Cassi in Have Not Room. He tells Cassi he thinks it's Adam. That if they had the votes they'd still have Keith and be running the tables right now. Cassi says it's not over yet. He says it is for him. (You may recall that Mamas Boy created the Regulators and Adam was not part of that.) Talk is about getting Daniele on their side.

In Diary Mamas Boy says he is done with Adam.

Mamas Boy and Daniele discussing game and who is with who. He flirts with her thinking he can get her taht way.

Rachel and Cassi both think it's awkward now between them. Cassi says she's not gonna cower in a corner because Rachel is Rachel.

Jordan says, "Who wants to see my HOH room?!" Of course they all go. Mostly to kiss butt.

Brendon enters backyard in his Super Hero outfit. Comic relief. He picks up Frankiln (a rubber turtle) goes to camera says Franklin is his side kick.

Lawon in Diary saying he doesn't know if Brendon's move was a fool move or not but it's crazier in the Big Brother house.

Mamas Boy and Bredon in backyard having Super Hero fight.

Mamas Boy in Diary sayin he was sucking up a bit. (You may recall the last time the Vets started comic relief he was not participating)

Adam goes to HOH Room. He's obviously trying to make a deal. Tells JJ that he voted with his the Newbies.  But he's done with them. He'll owe them one if he gets the Golden Key.

Mamas Boy and Daniele in backyard discussing game. He's trying to get Daniele on his side. Daniele tells him that she's not going to put her back against the wall if he's not going to help her.

In Bright Room Jeff says that Mamas Boy is running the circus over there. Rachel says Cassi is running it. Rachel in Diary says Cassi is a floater. Jeff says they might could make a deal with Cassi by telling her everyone hates her.

Have/Have Not Competition: March of the Ants

Jordan comes out dressed as an ant. She tells them that since she's HOH she and Jeff are Haves. As are Daniele and Bubbles since they are Golden Key holders.

Duo are dressed together in Super Ant costumes.

Suepr Ant teams have to get across a huge picnic blanket obstacle to the other end get a food crumb bring it back to their hill. First team to get 4 food crumbs wins. The winning team gets to pick 2 duos to be Have Nots.

Brenchel Wins!

House Guests begin to notice Kalia is obviously hurt. House Guests are trying to help her. Medics come to help.

They choose to Mamas Boy/Adam and Cassie/Shelly  be Have Nots.

America chose Jelly Beans and Jerky in addition to Slop for the Have Nots.

Mamas Boy goes to HOH room to try to make a deal with JJ. JJ doesn't make a commitment to Mamas Boys. Cassi comes to JJ to talk deal, too. She says she's on board with JJ. Later when Daniele is in HOH room  with JJ, Jeff says he wants Mamas Boy gone. Daniele says she wants Cassi gone. That Mamas Boy will be easier to manipulate. 

Nomination Ceremony:

Jordan gives Jeff his key since he is her partner. Daniele and Bubbles get their keys since they have Golden Keys.

Jordan pulls Brenchels' keys.

Brendon pulls Shelly/Cassi

Cassi pulls Kalia/Lawon

Jordan goes with her gut to Nominate Adam/Mamas Boy. (Instead of Shelly/Cassi)

Final Thoughts: Jordan nominating Mamas Boy and Adam is the call I would've made, too. I hope they vote to evict Mamas Boy. 

Big Brother 13 ~ Ep 2,3,4 Recaps

FYI: This post has been in draft for awhile. I decided just today (7-24-11) to post it here. This post can also be found  at The Media Blast web site, I promise it's prettier over there. I want to thank them for hosting me. You can find The Media Blast on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Ok, first I apologize for the tardiness in Big Brother 13 updates. But I'm sure all will agree that family comes first. Yes, I did other posts but those don't require the same thought process and time. Okay? OK.

Recap of Sunday's Show: The Blind Leading the Blind ~ Have/Have Not & Eviction Nominees

This is our first glimpse of game strategy. Team Vets vs Team Newbies w/Team Vets in control. We get an overload of Brenchel and Jordan/Jeff, no cute name for them as far as  I know, I'll call them JJ.

We get to know how superficial Rachel is, in case we weren't already aware.

Cuteness overload of JJ but I love that.

We also get to see Dick run around starting to play strategy. (even tho most of us knew that he had left the house for family emergency, I believe it was) I think it was Dick that first suggested TeamVets bring in a Newbie or 2 to have numbers in their favor. Dick approached Porsche (probably cause she's an air head). She accepts.

Dominic forms a team from 1 member from each Newbie Team. They decide to call themselves The Regulators. They are Dominic aka Mama's Boy, Lawon, Keith, and Cassi. It's OK to puke. Especially cause the way Mama's Boy talks about it and says The Regulators. UGH!

Prosche tells Keith that she thinks they should team up w/Team Vets. He pretends to go along with the idea. Then promptly rats her out to The Regualtors. (She what I mean about the air head commment? I'd have totally kept that to myself til I was surer of my team mate)

Then Rachel comes out in this BRIGHT cow costume. It's obviously time for the Have/Have Not Competition. Brendon and Rachel are not playing as Rachel is HOH and are automatically Haves. For this competition the pairs are asked to form a team with another pair. All teams are dressed in team colored cow costumes.

The teams were:

Green: Adam, Dominic, Keith, & Porsche
Orange: Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, Lawon
Blue: Daniele, Dick, Jeff, Jordan

The backyard was turned into the Milky Way on the Moon. The object was to fill 6 milk bottles by having 3 Team Members (the Cows) soak themselves in the milk and run to the Milking Platform where the 4th Team Member (the Milkman) Milks the Cows.  The first 2 teams to fill all their bottles are the Haves for the week.

The Haves for the Week are Blue and Green.  (Adam, Dominic, Keith, Porsche, Daniele, Dick, Jordan, & Jeff)

Leaving the Orange Team as the Have Nots. (Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, & Lawon)

We now get to see the Have Not Room which is hideous! The lights are super bright and cannot EVER be turned out. The walls are padded. The bed, if you can call it that looks horrid. Better them than me.

Dick now approaches Adam to be a part of Team Vets. Adam considers it but doesn't commit either way.

Rachel and Jordan talk strategy. Rachel says that the Golden Key creates the Ultimate Floater and we all know how she feels about Floaters...I agree Floaters SUCK! Dick comes in and tells them that Porsche is will do anything they want. (more airhead proof)

Rachel decides to Nominate Porsche/Keith going along w/Dicks plan to out Keith and use Porsche. Porsche will be safe for the first 4 wks (or 3 as we know Daniele has lost her partner but CBS addresses the Dick issue on Wed show) and will be more likely to go along with Team Vets.

As credits get ready to roll Keith is cokcsure he will not be leaving. Porsche worries she will go and that was the plan all along even though she was told the plan. Apparently she needs it spelled out and not just understood. Sheesh.  (see, airhead) Maybe I'll start calling her Bubbles. Okay? OK.

Recap of Wednesday's Show:  Evel Exits, Downhill Keith ~ POV Competition

Keith notices that Porsche, henceforth referred to as Bubbles, is going to the Vets to talk. He starts to show signs of freaking out. Bubbles starts to bawl because she has no clue what is what. She thinks she's the target and not Keith. She worries about throwing the POV Competition. Brenchel reassures Bubbles that she is safe. After she leaves the HOH Room Brenchel and Daniele worries Bubbles too ditzy to use.

Keith informs Cassi, Lawon, and Kalia that Bubbles has turned traitor. Kalia tells Keith he needs to talk to the Vets, too. He's vehemently against it. Keith starts to talk about throwing the POV.

Dick is called to Diary room. After awhile we see that House Guests start to wonder where he is.

As we are told 2 hours later Rachel is called to the Diary Room.

Rachel comes back to tell them that Dick has had to leave the game. Since through no fault of her own Daniele is now partnerless she gets the first Golden Key. She is now safe til 10 House Guests remain. She will no longer participate in competitions that affect POV/HOH.

Team Vet retreats to HOH room. We see that Daniele is shaken by what has gone down and is a bit worried as to what would cause Dick to leave given how much he loves  the BB game. Jordan enters and informs Brenchel and Daniele that Keith is smiling and laughing. Brendon gets enraged. It takes all them to keep him from going down to kick some Newb Butt! Team Vet starts to approach meltdown and defeated til Jeff points out it's only week one. They are not out of it yet. He tells em to knuckle up like Rocky. I like that. I may call them Team Rocky. Okay? OK.

We now see Keith in the Wash Room gloating. Shelly is disgusted with Keith's behavior. Cassi and Mama's Boy seem to agree.

Next we see Keith further meldown. He suspects Bubbles and Kalia are traitors. Forget for the moment that he's partly right. But now he's saying Kalia & Bubbles is part of Team Rocky and it goes down hill from their. Kalia, Mama's Boy, Adam, and Lawon start to think that Keith has jumped the Crazy Train or at least the Conspiracy Theory Train. It's both, actually.

POV Competition:

6 people compete. HOH/Partner: Brenchel, The Nominated Duo: Keith/Bubbles

Diary clip shows that Keith's plan is to throw the POV.

Rachel draws Jeff/Jordan for the 3rd team to compete. Adam is chosen as Host.

Diary reveals Daniele is now okay with her Golden Key and plans to spend the next 4wks (3) playing the social game.

Diary reveasl Bubbles plans to win the POV as her partner doesn't wanna be her partner.

Team Rocky decides they need to approache Bubbles to make sure she's gonna follow through with throwing the POV.

Adam comes out in a Police Uniform to announce it's POV  time. The POV Competitors are in Super Hero garb. GAG ME! Jordan points out in Diary that there's only one focal point on the guys and well it's obvious what she means. Let's just say, some of us need our eyeballs replaced, probably.

The POV is a tower building puzzle. Each team has a runner and a flyer. The runner gets the puzzle pieces for the flyer. The flyer puts them on the building. The runner controls the flyer (when the runner walks away from the flyer they fly, duh!). First team to complete the puzzle and hang the POV piece wins.

Diary reveals that Keith and Bubbles are throwing the POV. (We knew that already, thank you very much)

Brenchel wins the POV. Bubbles and Keith make excuses for why they didn't win. Bubbles is more believable even though we know she is lying. Keith, is so obvious I'd be surprised if someone didn't pick up on it.

Thursday's Recap: Cocky Fail ~ Live Eviction & HOH 

We se Keith in Diary totally not sweating the fact that he could potentially leave. Bubbles Diary reveals her to be confident, as well. Just not annoyingly so. Plus, most would agree with her. We also get to see Keith approach Bubbles and assures her she's a good person...blah blah....

The Regulators minus Keith in the Have Not Room discuss who should go. General consensus is Bubbles. 

Diary of Cassi reveals she doesn't trust Keith but believes he's on their side.

Cut to Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel in HOH room discussing how important it is that Bubbles stay. Plus who else can they get on their team. Adam and Cassi's names are mentioned.

Now we get to see Team Rocky to play the social game and get the Newbies involved in game of Big Booty and Dancing. These hijinks are hilarious and all Newbies but Mama's Boy fully take part and enjoy the fun. He's very concentrated on what they are trying to gain. During/shortly after this we see Rachel call Brendon by his pet name "Bookie". This get Brendon very upset. We get to see Brenchel have a lovers spat over this. In my opinion, this was a ridiculous fight. BUT I also think that pet names are private and should stay that way unless the other is okay with it. Rachel apologizes to Brendon and uses a word unfamiliar to most of us demasculinitized. They make up. 

Now, we see Jeff approach Shelly about being apart of their Team. In the Wash Room Team Rocky discusses approachoing  to be sure he's with them. Jeff believes Adam should be allowed to name their team as he's the Super Fan plus it could bring him to their side fully.  Adam says Adam's Angels, seemingly jokingly but I think he may be serious. Daniele, the voice of reason, says they'll work on it.

In the backyard we see Cassi telling all theKalia and Shelly how important it is to keep Keith. With his antics once free weeks are over both sides will go after him. Shelly admits in Diary she's playing both sides. Cassi then is seen with Adam discussing the same thing, keeping Keith evicting Bubbles. Adam tells her he hasn't told Bubbles she has his vote.

We get to see a video of Dick explaining why he had to leave w/o revealing too much info. (On his own personal VLOG he says it's an family emergency and he's agreed not to reveal who/what to protect privacy of those involved.) He apologizes and says he'll be watching the show and see everyone again at the Finale.

Now Julie replays the clips from Have Not Competition. All House Guests get a laugh out of it. Julie then talks to Adam about being a Super Fan and playing with the greats. He says he thanks to Evel Dick he knew he could get on the show but now they're competitors and not just someone he watches.

Last Words: Keith tells Bubbles she rocks and to everyone else he says have fun, don't take things personal, it's just a game. Bubbles thanks everyone for allowing her to be there. Thanks the Vets for showing them around the house...blah blah SUCK UP!

Live Voting Begins:

Dominic votes to evict Bubbles
Brendon votes to evict Keith
Jordan votes to evict Keith
Cassi votes to evict Bubbles
Lawon votes to evict Bubbles
Jeff votes to evict Keith
Daniele votes to evict Keith (also explains she loves her father and has been worried bout him since he left)
Adam votes to evict Bubbles
Kalia votes to evict Keith (1st of the Newbs to flip)
Possible Tie Vote
Shelly votes to evict Keith (our 2nd flipper)

Julie announces that w/vote of 6 to 4 Keith is evicted.

Julie tells the House Guests that Bubbles now has a Golden Key and is safe for now.

Keith exits to applause. House Guests are seen whispering and waiting for Keith's light to go out.

Julie tells Keith he was more than confident even cocky that he wouldn't be evicted. He laughs and says he was very shocked. Reviews his game play wishing he had not trusted his alliance and thrown the POV. He admits he got played. Julie asks why he chose Bubbles. He admits his plan didn't work. 

Goodbye messages. 

Cassi says he came to play Dating Game not BB. He dug his own grave.
Lawon tells him he acted a fool, you like a time bomb, that's why you sittin out there BOOM goes the dynamite (I think that's what he said)
Rachel tells him he was hit by Hurricane Brenchel .
Bubbles tells him he deserves to be evicted and he tried to play her. You can look but you can't touch.

Live HOH Competition: Big Brother Open

Mini Golf
1 putt trying to land ball into first position marked w/flag. Over shoot hole and end up in water hazard you're eliminated. House Guest closest to hole in one wins. In case of tie, tie breaker. 

Putting order determined by Rachel the outgoing HOH.

Dominic scores 6. Leader by default.
Adam scores 8. Eliminated.
Cassi hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Shelly hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Lawon who putts horribly hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Shelly ties Dominic. TIE.
Jordan scores 3. New Leader!
Jeff rather obviously misses. Eliminated.
Brendon misses on purpose too, hitting sand. Eliminated.

Jordan new HOH! Team Rocky still on top! 2nd straight week to hold HOH.

We rejoin the House Guests in the Living Room. Julie congratulates Jordan on her first HOH. 
Asks Bubbles how she the Golden Key feels.

Viewer Questions:

To Shelly, "How hard is it to be away from your daughter?"  She says it hard and she misses her and shows the puppy her daughter gave her and that her daughter is the love of her life.

To Adam, "Your favorite 90210 character?" Donna Martin graduates,  He says, Donna Martin graduates...

We close peeking on House Guests. Talking amongst themselves, In seeming accord, for the moment.

Stay Tuned for next week! Hopefully my blog recaps will occur in more timely manner. ')