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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anticlimactic? Maybe.

Well now for the conclusion you've all been wondering about. Or maybe you haven't. Or maybe you have no clue what I am talking about. Here's a refresher for those who need it.

On Monday morning me and Hubs went to the school to talk with the principal about the incident that occurred on Fri. As it turns out, we ended up talking to the Asst Principal (Ms AP). She knew about what occurred on Fri.We sat and told her that we understood why Bridge calling any teacher by Ms Brown or Brownie could be hurtful. We reiterated that Bridge didn't mean it in an ugly way. That she was just wanted to give her a nick name. That if it had been an ongoing issue why were we not informed sooner? At this point Ms AP told us it had not been a long time ongoing problem just a couple days. That Bridge had been asked/reminded by the teacher several times that Ms Brown/Brownie was not her name and to please call her by her name. Ok, fair enough. Still, not a racist comment in my mind. But we moved on.

Hubs told Ms AP about the phone conversation and showed her his notes he made. She agreed that Ms Counselor was over the line. At least on the comment where she said my 7 yr old could be shot if she called the wrong person Ms Brown/Brownie. Hubs was kind of miffed that Ms AP didn't fully understand how he felt like he was being interrogated by Ms Counselor over the phone. Or maybe Ms AP did understand. But she kept saying how nice a lady Ms AP was. I told her I am sure she is but the whole phone conversation was unprofessional. Ms AP agreed.

I went on to voice my concern that my daughter was very upset over the incident and truly thought that the teachers were calling her mean. It's my belief that no matter how they tried to put it to her she couldn't understand what they were saying. Has no grasp on anything race related. Still probably doesn't. Why would she. She has no problems getting along with any one.

Ms AP said she would talk with Ms Counselor about how everything was handled, especially that phone call. She also said she would talk to Bridgette and reassure her that no one thinks she's mean.

That's pretty much it. I have to believe that the follow through will happen. I don't feel the need to talk to Bridge about it again. I played nice with all involved and we even apologized to the teacher for it. Actually, Hubs did. He saw her when he dropped the kids off Monday morning and wanted her to know we were sorry she was hurt. I dare say I may not play nice a second time.

Feeling like I could take on anything Hubs and I went to take care of some other business on Monday as well. Stuff that may or may not be keeping me from getting my job at the daycare center I applied with way back in January. I'll tell y'all like I told Hubs, I am tired of being taken advantage of and just sitting by while people don't give a fig for what we are going through or who I am. To them I am just a number and a problem for another day. But that is a story for later. I don't know if I am completely ready to go public with all that nonsense. And it is nonsense.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Out

Why yes, yes I am out. I'm visiting at It's all her fault..... *wink*.

I'm guest posting & telling a story y'all may not know bout me and my bestie. See ya there.

Friday, April 13, 2012

All Weekend to Stew About It

So today we have some definite drama going on around here today. And we have all weekend to stew about it. All over what was likely an innocent child thing.

If you follow me on twitter you know what I am about to talk about.

Today Bridgette was pulled from her class and put in what is called Success. Success is mediation step before having to go to the principal. I have never had issues with this til today.

Today Hubs answered a call from the school counselor who was concerned about Bridgette continuing to call a black teacher Ms Brownie. The counselor said it had been an on going issue with Bridgette. Funny thing is, this was the first either of us had heard about it. The phone conversation continued and Hubs was informed that Bridgette was in Success for the rest of the day. Ms Counselor asked if Hubs agreed it was wrong for Bridgette to call the teacher Ms Brownie. Hubs did not answer this. Just told her we'd talk with Bridgette this evening. But that was not satisfactory enough for Ms Counselor. No, Ms Counselor felt the need to say that if Bridge was to say such a thing to the wrong person she could be shot.

WTF and HOLD THE PHONE?! Since I wasn't sure if I heard that part from Hubs aright I let it be. I mean we were in the middle of setting up at a coin show and it was definitely not the time to be discussing this.

When I got home I sent the counselor and email stating my concerns that if this was an ongoing issue, why had we not been informed sooner? That I would talk with Bridge about it and see what she had to say for herself. Also, that I was sure that it was not coming from a mean ugly place. To Bridge a brownie is a yummy treat or the GS Level she will be this next GS year. So, to her, it's a good thing not a bad thing.

Well, when Hubs got home we talked about it some more and the whole of it was aired out. And then I was like, WTH?! If I'd been clearer on it all I would just have gone straight to the school rather than send and email. Now we have to wait til Monday to address it.

On Monday, I expect to have definite answers. Who made an issue out of this? The teacher being called Ms Brownie or some other teacher or parent over hearing it and taking offense on the teacher's behalf? Why had no one bothered to notify us sooner. Lord knows every time Sean has an issue they can't get on the phone or send and email fast enough. And just what is Ms Counselor trying to say when she says Bridge could be shot if she said that to the wrong person? For crying out loud, we are talking about a 7 year old. A 7 year old who's grandmother is Hispanic.

It's enough to keep me steaming mad every time I think on it. Especially cause they made her cry and feel like she was the lowest person on Earth.

I talked to Bridge about it. Bridge told me that she didn't mean to call her Ms Brownie. That she forgot her name and just called her Ms Brown or Ms Brownie. Rather than just asking to be reminded of what her name is. She told Ms Counselor she didn't mean to be ugly and she wasn't being mean. But Ms Counselor told Bridge she was being mean and it was a mean thing to say. Bridge told me that she cried several times at school over it. She was crying when we sat and talked about it.

Right or not I did not punish Bridge. I just told her that the next time she couldn't remember anyone's name that she should ask nicely what their name is. And if it was supposed to be some cute/sweet nick name then she needed to make sure the person was okay with the name.

I'll let y'all know how the meeting on Monday turns out. In the mean time, what are your thoughts? Did the teachers over react? Are they really worried Bridge was making a racial slur or that we are really racists? What about that she could be shot comment? Are we over reacting to this?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Goat Man - a night of mischief and mayhem

Well, I haven't participated much in Mama Kat's Workshop in a long while BUT when I saw Topic #4 for this week, I knew I had to.

I asked my BFF if she would like to post a story about me y'all may not know. I am pretty sure she cackled with glee. I kind of got worried cause well we've known each other forever and there are any number of stories that no one ever needs to know. It should definitely be entertaining. So sit back and enjoy.

With that, I proudly introduce my BFF, Everline. On Twitter she is @everline2002. She rarely blogs these days but when she does you can find her at


It has been forever since writing a blog, and when my bestest BEST friend gave me pretty much free reign for a blog topic that I am pretty sure she'll put more details about somewhere on here while making sure that I didn't put anything that has gone past the statue of limitation and is not able to be prosecuted in the post.  That said, it has been a hard time trying to figure out what NOT to write about.  We have well over 17ish (give or take a couple of years) as friends, so there are a ton of fond memories to pick from.  There was one about our first time making home made gravy.  That one is fun and entertaining, but not quite what was in mind.  There are several about when both of us were new moms and a few crazy things that happened then. However, there are always posts, blogs and other forms of media that deal with our children (which we call the brat pack when all 5 are together).  So, I thought I would "tiptoe through the tulips" of our earlier memories and tell y'all about a sleepover that ended with a very well earned grounding.


It was back when we were in high school.  Paulette was a junior and I was a sophomore both attending Burleson High.  My mom allowed this sleepover reluctantly (there had been some nasty results from my 16th birthday party the month before that Paulette luckily missed) and we decided to have as much fun as two teenage girls could have in a full night.

First, we started with telling ridiculous stories and legends that we were learning in school and reading on our own.  We can across a wonderful scary story called the Goat Man.  Here is the actual legend:

The Goatman Legend

Of all fantasy-creatures who is said to live in lonely, often romantic places, is the appalling and dangerous Goatman, a creature you should avoid at all costs. He is one of the USA's most horrific monsters: half man, half goat. He appears on quiet roads, often in the state Maryland, with a shiny axe that he uses for chopping up teenagers.

The police have always had problems catching the Goatman because his strong legs and endless stamina always allow him to get away. No one knows exactly where he came from. Legend has it that he is the result of a top-secret experiment, approved by Washington, D.C. and conducted by the local authorities. Something went tragically wrong.According to rumors, a scientist was conducting experiments on animals to improve human's physical abilities.

 Unfortunately, an experiment with a goat went horribly wrong. A power failure took place and a strange mix occurred. When the smoke settled, the scientist had become a monster, some part man, some part goat. Insane with disappointment and fear of what would happen to him, he ran screaming out into the night. The Goatman was loose...Because of his grotesque look, the Goatman developed a special hatred for young, pretty teenagers and his life is now dedicated to killing them. 

Some of his victims survive because they are in cars when the attacks occur. It appears the monster likes to jump up on the cars and scare the heck out of them. When particularly blood thirsty, he chops the tires so they can't get away. The evil creature then drags them with him, deep into the forest, where he consumes them with great pleasure.Maybe he is just a story to scare away young couples from places where they can be alone and make out. Or, maybe not. My advice: if you have to stop, lock your car doors, and look around for anything strange. Do not stop the car in the middle of the woods under any circumstances.
Story Submitted by Pellika

This story by itself is harmless fun, but Paulette and I couldn't leave it that tame.  Not with my little brother standing at the door waiting for good gossip.  At the time he was maybe 12 years old, and at this age it was easy to prank him.  So we edited the story to change the location to make it local and added that if we wanted to have the goat man kill anybody that all you had to do was prick your finger, write the victims name in blood, then wad up the paper and toss it out the window.  Whoever had their name written on the paper would die within 24 hours.

By the time we finished telling each other the story and adding to it as we went, we announced that we would write my brothers name in blood and see if the legend was true.  So, that said we got a red permanent  marker and wrote his name on the paper, wadded it up and tossed it out the window.

While we were dying of laughter knowing that we had freaked him out big time, Mom came in the room and boy was she hacked off!  We got the lecture about how we were to treat him how we wanted to be treated and that if we did it again that she would call Paulette's Dad and we very much wanted to avoid that.  So, we went on to do girly things, and Mom kept my brother out of the way for the rest of the early night.

Around 5 in the morning, my brother woke us up wanting french toast.  I had just learned how to make it at school and figured since Paulette was the omelette master, I would make her the world's best french toast because I wanted to impress her.  So, I get out the eggs, butter, and bread and was warming up the frying pan.    

To get my little brother out of my hair, I made his four pieces first.  As I was getting to Paulette's, the pan was smoking really bad and the living room was filling up with black smoke.  I was trying very hard to make her french toast as pretty as my brothers, but it wasn't happening and I was lost as to the reason.  After I burned the 5th piece of toast, there was a LOUD banging on the window.  After telling the story of the Goat Man and since it was still before 6am and dark, we panicked over who it could be and went to open the front door.

Man was Mom beyond pissed off!  She apparently went to get doughnuts for us as a surprise, and before we started making the french toast I double locked the door for safety not noticing her absence from the house. She saw the black smoke filling up the house with the fact that she could not get into the house and well, long story somewhat shorter, Paulette had to go home a little earlier than expected.  Mom waited till around 7:30  and then went to talk to her Dad about our adventures for the night.

Honestly, I don't remember if Paulette got into much trouble beyond our 2 weeks no telephone grounding that nearly ended my life as I knew it back then.  Out of all the sleepovers and all the nights out, of which there were plenty that we drove both our parents bonkers with, this is the one that sticks in my memories with the greatest amount of detail and the most fun we had at that age.  I almost shudder to think of what our daughters will come up with when they hit those ages.....


See there, told ya it'd be entreating. I actually cannot remember what my Daddy said to me after that fiasco. Pretty sure I got an earful about proper behavior and all. So, what are some antics you and your bestie got up to, or do we want to know? We for sure would love your feed back about this post. ;)

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Writing Prompts:

1.) What did you want your name to be? (inspired by Mommy Boots)
2.) Share one of your favorite things. (inspired by Jenbshaw)
3.) Neighbors.
4.) Ask a sibling or close friend to guest post on your blog for a day. Have them share a story about you that we might not have heard before.
5.) Name a celebrity you would like to be your “in real life” friend. What makes him or her a perfect match for you?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daddy Daughter Day & Ear Piercing

Yesterday was pretty freaking scary for me. We didn't get hit by any tornadoes here but it was close enough  that I definitely took cover.  By close enough, I mean Cleburne which is just a bare 10minutes away, if that. Then near the Burleson/Ft Worth line and close to where our old house was. But I kept watching since it was horribly bad. Hovering for the longest over Arlington and Dallas. Two of the people who live in this house work in Arlington. Thank God they both made it home safe. In fact, the massive storms that sparked something like 12 or more tornadoes and left all kinds of damage and injuries but NO FATALITIES! Thank God for small blessings.

That said, I am so happy to be able to share these pics with you. Last week Hubs took the girls to a local restaurant and to the mall for Daddy Daughters Day. Bridge wanted her ears re-pierced and of course Meg was all like me too!

They had a blast until Meg got her ears pierced. Can I just say I am soooo glad I was not the one taking her to do this? Cause, I was laughing like a loon when Hubs called me and told me of the drama. I was in the middle of Target and got several looks but I just kept laughing and maybe snorting.

Turns out Bridge didn't need her ears re-piereced. They just popped earrings right back in her ears that she chose. She is now proudly wearing her turtle earrings. Bridge had her ears pierced as a baby but for the life of us as she got to be a toddler we could not find any earrings that she couldn't manage to get out. I am frankly amazed she didn't need re-piercing.

Meg, well she was a brave, brave girl. Screamed the roof down and according to Hubs 4 people came to make sure she wasn't being abducted. But now she is so happy and proud of her earrings. Sadly I have yet to get a good pic of her and her new earrings. Which, by the way, one of the "diamonds" fell out. I hope when I get her back to Claire's they'll give her a new set.