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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Ponderings of My Mind

Ok so try to stick with me through this post. This could be my most random blog. Ever.

It's nearly March. For some that means March Madness. Me, not so much. In March I will turn 34. Yep. Just 34. It's hard to believe I once thought that 30 was ancient. So, today while driving around with Hubs I was doing some reflecting on this and that.

No matter how much the world around me has changed lots of things have stayed the same. Maybe that's why there's the phrase: The more things change the more they stay the same.

Like the Billy Bob's billboard advertising upcoming events. It looks out of place with the things around it but I love that it is still there. Even if I won't get to have a party of 6 to see Easton Corbin for an early birthday celebration. I still look at that billboard each and every time I happen to be in a vehicle passing it.

Like the fact that I married when I was 18 and am still married to the same man almost 16 years later. We still act like young fools occasionally. I just love to smile and nod at people who give us the "Aw Young Love" look. The shock on their faces when they ask how long we've been together is priceless. Who knew you could still hold hands and be silly with each other as an old married couple? I did. In fact, Hubs still puts his arm around me when he's driving. He even occasionally remembers to open the car door for me. Though I usually don't wait to see if he will. Nice to know he will and maybe even joke about it if I sit too long in the car.

Other things that crossed my mind go something like this...

My husband is a horrible tease sometimes. A few weeks ago he took me to Fry's and said what do you want. We were in the computer section. I forget what he was looking for but I told him I'd love a lap top. In particular, a MacBook. I love his and steal, I mean borrow, it whenever I can. We didn't get one that day though he came close. Today he decided to go to the Apple store and ask a few questions related to his business. He once again asked what I wanted. Told him a lap top would be awesome but I'll settle for an iPod nano. I kid you not that man said to me, "I'm sorry I didn't bring the cash bag." He was being serious. I guess I coulda gone all kid like on him and said something bout using plastic, but I didn't. Just called him a tease to his face loud enough for anyone around to hear.

Get back in the truck and he's all, "Want to go to the mall?" Me, Why? So I can look at more stuff you won't buy me?" This is where he finally admitted to being a tease and even apologized. I am still wondering if the end of the world is near.

At the mall my phone was practically yelling at me it's battery was critically low. Hubs was in near fits of laughter that I was still tweeting. Then forbid me to touch his phone. The phone he does not have twitter on since he doesn't get the twitter thing at all. He really hates when I download twitter app on his phone. I remove it when I'm done. I'm nice like that. He did buy me my very own phone car charger that can charge my iPad at the same time. So, no more dead phone. Ever. OR at least no excuses for not taking his calls. I did ogle a pair of Tiffany sunglasses that were like $500.00 just to scare hubs. It was grand. Even the sales clerk was cracking up.

Hubs then got a phone call from a business associate and proceeded to walk straight out of the mall. When the call was over he wanted to know what I wanted for lunch. This is where I pointed out he just walked out of the mall. He tried to say he followed me but had to tell him it was me following him. Where he again apologized for teasing me. Told him at least I got a phone charger for my car.

He really does get distracted sometimes. He always has. Nice to know that hasn't changed much.

So I'm turning 34 soon. So my life has given me a lot of ups and downs and other random craziness. Still, I'm me. Still married to a goofy guy that I love to bits and hold hands with like we were just dating or newly married.

Still trying to do this blogging thing. Which, turns out is rather random. Like me. I like that.