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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Horror Movie Fun

Let me tell you something about scary movies. I am not the scary movie type. Unfourtuneately, or fortunately depending on your view, I have a BFF who loves horror movies of all types. It's been her mission in life to drag me to one or show me one on video or Netflix. Thanks to her I have been brave and even watched a some others on my own every now and again when I am feeling brave.

Last week, me and BFF went to see Sinister. That movie freaked her out. I mean really freaked her out. It freaked me out, too. Pretty safe bet that all the other people in the nearly sold out theatre were freaked out too. You could tell by how many people screamed. Mostly girls, yes. One man even cursed out loud. And it was not the kind of movie either me or BFF could predict what was coming next. We totally went and hung out at IHop for a few hours. Did I mention the movie was a 10:35pm showing? Yeah. I got in bed at 5am the next morning. I got home at 4am. Hubs was out of town on a camping trip and my sister had my girls for the night. Home alone but for MIL/FIL who were asleep.

Now enter this weekend. Another friend invited me to go to the movies. She'd been talking about wanting to see House at the End of the Street. It was not nearly as scary as we were led to believe, or as she thought. Though she is totally just like I used to be. Not a horror flick person. That said, this movie is a bit scary in places. It had me jumping but not screaming. What I found really unreal is how I was able to telegraph, or predict, where the movie was heading and the twist.

BFF would tell you that I have gotten better at picking up on/seeing clues in movies. Even clues she missed. Did it when we saw Silent House and a bit when we saw Sinister. I wouldn't say it takes a rocket scientist to see clues. I am sure there's lots of people who do just that with movies all the time. I'm not usually one of them.

This is just a long way of getting to the point of this blog. Sorry, but back story was needed. I think.

I really enjoyed seeing House at the End of the Street. What made it enjoyable was not my friend who was with me trying to be brave. Nor the fact that I find horror flicks funny in general. Nope. It was the people in the theatre with us. The snarky teens/young adults seeing the film totally provided comic relief. One was talking loudly asking if anyone was likely to scream cause she probably would and wanted us to know. Others were commenting on not opening this/that door or doing this/that, etc...  Some may have called the main character a stupid so and so. Things like that.

I think every time I go or get dragged by BFF to a horror flick/psychological thriller we need to find some snarky teens/young adults to help fill up the theatre. That way anything actually scary would be downplayed by their commentary or comic relief. Usually people acting like that in a theatre would be annoying and make me grumpy. Tonight, that just wasn't the case. So maybe I'm on to something here. Maybe not. But it sure made for a fun evening.