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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writer's Workshop ~ A Rule I Broke

Response to mamakatslosinit Writer's Workshop 

2.) A rule I broke.

I'd like to say that I never ever broke rules. Fact is that'd be outright lie. I am sure I broke my fair share of rules. Most of them without anyone ever noticing because I was labeled goody two shoes. My daddy will tell ya I was a good kid. Pretty sure there's lots he doesn't know that'd make the rest of his hair fall out. (Or maybe he does know it but chose not to share this secret with me.) For the most part, I probably was that good kid my daddy and others believed me to be. 

Everyone breaks rules. It's just part of human nature. 

Probably the biggest one that stands out to me is the calling of boys and watching things like 90210 (the original one y'all). Well, now that's two rules isn't it. Oh wells. I'll expound on both.

I called boys mostly from friends houses or pay phones when I was out away from watchful eye of step mom 2. Once, only once, did I do so from house phone. I got caught because I forgot about the redial on the phone. Step mom hit redial and got my boyfriend. OOPS! Double Whammy cause I was also grounded from the phone at the time. (WHOA that's 3 rules! Wondering why I had goody two shoes label? Me too. LOL)

The watching of unapproved TV shows was part of my secret I'll show you what I can or cannot do rebellion against said step mom mentioned above. This is probably the rule I broke most frequently. I mean, we lived in mobile home and dad got a second one and plopped it right next to the first. He gutted the kitchen out, made study area/hang out area. Made living room into big bed room I unfortunately had to share with the youngest step sis. (The 2nd youngest had moved out by this time, come to think of it I don't think she lived w/us long). It was way too easy to watch TV shows I was told I couldn't when I was alone in room cause I could hear when someone was coming into the house. I probably watched any number of shows but the original 90210 is the one I most remember.

Doing things like that made my life a little more interesting and gave me a sense of purpose in my truly awful teenage years. Also gave me giggles when anyone referred to me as goody two shoes. Truth is, up 'til step mom 2 came along daddy didn't care what I watched or listened to. (Well, except for MTV when we first got cable. That he did out right ban. My misfortune he saw Madonna on it.) He believed I knew the difference between reality and fiction.  Bless him because I know my music must have made him wonder bout me sometimes.


  1. I called the boys too, good rule to break!

  2. LOL! I'm thinking that's one that gets (or got, does anyone still have this rule?) broke the most!

  3. Oh yes, calling boys...especially PRANK been there. :)

  4. Yep, in middle school my best friend and I used to try to call boys, but we would always get nervous and hang up!!

  5. I called boys and a I watched me some MTV too, but then, I was a bad girl!

  6. Rules were made to be broken. I totally remember calling boys from my friends I think back and wonder what in the world we had to talk about.

    Thanks for playing along this week! Did you enter your URL into the link up so that other people can click on your thumbnail in the list? I didn't see it in there.

  7. @ Mama Kat LOL! Yes, I did enter my link up. I think it was around number 96 on the list.

    Thanks for all the comments! I was pretty sure I wansn't alone in calling boys. It's also nice to know I wasn't the only girl not allowed to call boys.


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