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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Migraine Madness

I'm not usually the self torturing type. If I hurt or have a problem I generally find a solution, eventually. I'm not above taking anything that might send a migraine running scared for it's life or show my anxiety attacks whose boss. Then there was last night.....

Last night I stupidly went to bed with a small headache and some mild tension. Did I take anything at this time? No. Why? (you might be asking yourself) I convinced myself that it was small and needed no medication, only rest. HA HA! Jokes on me! (Somewhere my BFF is shaking her head going WTF?!)  

At somewhere around 2am ish I woke up tossing pillows across room willy nilly trying desperately to get comfortable and ignore the pounding in my head and the knots in my shoulder and neck. Did I get up, drag myself to kitchen to find relief? NO! Instead I told hubby to shut it up and let me be. (True story) After some tossing and turning with pillow picking up and rearranging then throwing across room again, I finally went back to sleep. So sure that all I needed was to get comfy and get few good Zs and when I woke angelic birds would greet me. This just shows you how out of it I had to be. Angelic Birds, really? UGH!

Enter 5 am. Where I again woke and the husband is telling me once again to go take something. No says I. I don't even know what to take. HUH?! I have yet to figure out why I told him that. Seriously, I know what is in the medicine cabinet and if all else fails Mom (MIL) is a nurse and would have something hidden in her cabinet if I needed it and asked for it. But instead of seeking relief, yet again, I pick up pillow that I apparently tossed onto my son in middle of night. (Why he's in my room, sleeping on the floor is a whole other show y'all) and go back to sleep.

6:45ish, Alarm Clock persists in reminding me that it is time to wake and get big kids off to school. I snooze w/my lovely husband who's put up w/me all night long and didn't shove a pill or tranquiler my direction. 7am, I stretch and drag myself to kids room to get Bridge up and start helping them get ready. Would've been spectacular feat if my lovely Bridge didn't wake up on Diva side of the bed. While they're getting up and at em, I finally give in and go and get migraine med out of cabinet along with what ever else it was Mom told me to take when these things occur. 

Fantastic husband gets big kids to school and brings back an Amp to add extra Get On Outta Hear Migraine/Tension Headache kick! Then magic happens. Scant hour later I'm here posting this awesome blog. (I also posted Day 6 or 30 Day Music Challenge) Now to go and make the beds and start some laundry. (Wonder if I shoulda stayed in bed and moaned and groaned til hubby did those things? Maybe next time, poor man dealt w/my drama all night long.)

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