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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cannot believe I've decided to do this!

It's crazy to me that I'm attempting this blogging thing. Really it is. Why? Well, for starters I'm not sure what it's all really about or how or works or anything. Plus, am I really that interesting? Do I or Will I have anything of value to say to anyone?

For me I guess at this point it's mostly just having a way to get what I need to get out of my system said in a way to those who may understand, like it, and definitely in a way that doesn't hurt those I love. Basically, a way to vent when I have no one to vent to and know that going off on some that get to me is not the wisest choice since it just causes more problems. But will this be fuel to fire? Well, maybe not. I mean Nana doesn't read blogs much less blog. Rob, well who cares? I mean I love my BIL but seriously doubt this will cause issue w/us. I mean we aren't Facebook friends and I don't think he tweets. If he does we don't follow each other.

I also thought that going this route would be better than what I had been doing by posting notes on Facebook. Okay, only 2 but hey it got me to thinking.

So, about me? Well what's to say that's not in my bio? I'm married (going on 15yrs to one person y'all! AMAZING!) to my wonderful hubs Dave. We have 3 kids. Sean (9), Bridgette (6), and Meghan (4). Sean is what they call Bipolar Mixed/ADHD/ODD. I have not a clue what some of that means and am learning and struggling right along with him. The girls are regular girls. I affectionately call them Diva and Mega Drama. Them being so close in age right now is a blessing in disguise as most days it's a toss up if they get along or fight all day. We also have 2 dogs. Casey a Pomakie & Daisy a Cocker Spaniel. We got Casey when she was about yr or 2 old and I was bout 5mos along with Meggie and on bed rest. Daisy joined us March of 2008. I like to say she's my dog and was my birthday present from my daddy that year (by the way still waiting on that pony) but Sean is her boy. I'm a registered Girl Scout and Parent Volunteer for Bridge's Troop. I help Sean with Cub Scouts when needed. I like to read romance novels, don't judge reading is reading. I love classic movies, Gone with the Wind is my all time fave! As for music, pretty much anything with lyrics I can comprehend but mostly a country, oldies, & 80s kinda gal.

So, we moved in a few months ago to live with Dave's parents (Nana & Pop), Rob, and Coco. Coco is Nana's spoiled rottener than my dogs dog. Rob is Dave's little brother. Some days this is OK with me. Others I'm like when the heck are we gonna get our own place again?! Don't get me wrong I love all my family truly I do. Even the in laws who love me like I'm theirs and treat me like they birthed me. Yes, pros and cons to this style of living. Theres been some ok lots of drama but hey it's 8 in a house and some of us have very set opinions on things and how they should be done. At end of day, I got by Nan/Pop's rules since it's there house. They've kindly agreed to stay out of Sean stuff unless asked or Dave or I are not home. Rob, well don't get me started on him. He's really a grown up Sean and he really gets to me sometimes (not unlike real brother might).

My dad has recently had colon cancer removed and is under going treatment for rectal cancer. This is hard on me as I know it is what it is and really up to God. He may be a rough man with set ideas and opinions that differ from my own but he is my daddy. We may not have that relationship we once had (way long story) but we know we love each other and that we are made of stern stuff to have survived some of the worst things life can throw at ya. I'm not just talking bout his cancers. I'm talking knock you off your feet WTH is going on around here things. Not the least of which was kicked started by my mother killing herself when I was 5mos old to the day and 2wks to the day of my daddy's birthday. But that's another story, just thought it'd help to show ya what is what.

OK, so that's that. Or is it? I don't know but seemed like good place to start. It's way tough to put yourself out there but there you have it. Hopefully at the least I'll be entertaining and at the most helpful to someone.

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