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Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am on a roll today! This is my 3rd blog today. But I just have to blog this. Wanted to last night but it was after midnight when I got home and  it was so not gonna happen. Besides I was basking in the afterglow of my impromptu date.

Yesterday was just one of those days that snowballed into the catastrophe that was the tub faucet not shutting off when I filled tub with bubbles for Bridgette. If you follow me on Twitter you know that the dogs had vet appointments, Meg got McDs for lunch, and well so on and so forth with things like that.

By the time my lovely hubby got home it was round 7:30p. By then I was fed up with our kids. They were fighting over anything and everything. Separating them only had them attempting to hit ea other with blankets from across the room. Then when all that finally settled down and my rattled self finished dinner of Tyson Chicken Nuggets (the fun  shaped ones) and green beans Rob came home. For the third day in a row BIL griped bout dinner. Excuse me! I thought. I mean I made dinner and I fix what my kids will eat and that I also like.

After kids being read a story and tucked in and the decision mutually made to allow Sean to sleep in pallet on our floor w/o the usual trying to get him to sleep in kids room I was playing Words with Friends and sighing heavily.

Brilliant hubby orchestrates getting us out of the house. I think why the hell not lets go. (this is one pro of living with the in laws) Only I think we're just going to the store to get the shampoo and cologne spray Sean is so worried I didn't get while I was out. So, I don't change clothes. I haven't had a shower at all. I look typical Mom like, Old T-Shirt and comfy jeans. Hair confined for SAHM duties. Tennis as old as my Bridgette on my feet.

At first I was all like I don't want to go to the movies. Especially after closest theatre to us wasn't showing anything starting soon. Hubby decides, let's go to the other theater and see what times they have. I started to feel the stress leave. The OMG how long has it been since we've done something even remotely connected to spontaneous?! Other movie theater not showing anything at the moment either. No big, we decide to go hang out at Fridays til closer to time for Arthur to start.

At this point, I'm about half in and half out of a good mood go with the flow of this vibe. Then Dave orders me a drink. A mojito. The best damn drink ever! Ok, maybe not ever but it is at the top of my list. Bonus part, he knows it and I didn't have to think about this decision. For some, that might not be cool. Might be how dare you presume to order for me. But not me! I usually practice the habit I learned as a child from my daddy, tell the man what you want and he orders. Only, Dave sometimes hate that I don't place my own orders but he goes with it. For him to order my drink that easily was AWESOME!

I moved to sit next to him instead of across. This prompts happy smiles and giggling. Yes, giggling from two 30+ yr olds who've been married 15+ yrs. Me insisting we snap pics of the moment and my drink. Then we order food. Him Jack Daniels Burger, me this amazing appetizer of Spinach and Flat Bread!

After our enjoyable dinner I head to bathroom. Where I happily wash hands and face, search for my lip gloss in my purse, giggle a bit while puttin it on and pinching my cheeks. Then we head to theater to see Arthur. 

As we walk in hubby asks if I'd like quarters for the claw machine. That claw machine is a weakness. I hardly pass one w/o attempting to win something. Last time we were at the movies it was for my birthday. I don't remember what we watched but I do remember dropping an enormous amount of quarters into the machine for a frog and pouting that I didn't get a birthday frog. This time I was gonna get something! I was goin to have a momento of this night.

The claw macine gods smiled down on me. Four attempts (I think it was only 4) I had my prize in hand and was doing the happy dance for all to see.

Arthur is the greatest movie ever! Ok, maybe not ever. But I enjoyed it. At 10 something at night it was me and hubby snuggled together like we were teens again watching this movie. There was only one other couple in the theater, teens of course, or maybe they were 20somethings. I laughed. I cried. Laughed some more.

Was still crying when we got to car. Why? Happiness of course. Which is exactly what I told hubby on the way home. 15+ yrs later and happy tears still baffle him. Go figure!

I named the mouse, Impromptu. (in case anyone was curious)


  1. Date nights are the best! And it seems like the kids always act up right when you're trying to get out of the house, doesn't it?

    Thanks for sharing this one with me! Makes me want to plan a date with my husband now ;)

  2. Yes Date Nights are the Best! Especially when they can be spontaneous since most times that's nearly impossible. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Natalie. =)


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