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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Torn and Other Things (This is the best I could think of?)

The following is from my Facebook post earlier this morning. Yes folks it's a double post day.

So this morning I woke with a medium sized headache. Not unsual with all the wind here of late. Dave was totally supportive and tried to occupy Meggie after big kids went off to school. Meggie was having other ideas as she decided today was her day to be my noisy shadow. I know she means well but seriously, I was trying to at least rest if not doze to help give meds time to kick in and send evil headache packing. Way more important than most any other day to give a headache the boot. Why? Roofers are scheduled to be here today. ZOMG! I already have a husband and a preschooler underfoot I really do not need (like anyone evers needs or wants a headche) when roofers will be walking and pounding all over the place!

I also have things to do today. Not unlike any othe day of a true Stay at Home Mom. Yesterday ran all over town so cleaning schedule is a bit off. Errands kicked off with dogs going to vet. Then me going to Wal Mart to check dog foods there and get laundry soap. Then to Petsmart to get reccomended dog food.

Yes I do have a schedule. Mon and Friday are full bathrooms (Our bathroom and the half bath) clean days. Tues and Thurs are dusting days. Wed is clean toilets day. I mean 6-7 people use our bathrooms (6 definitely use the bathroom and 7 definitely use the half bath). Vacuuming is everyday. Laundry of course is a vicious never ending cycle. No different than it was before we moved in with Dave's parents. We are family if 5 who moved in with family of 3. So now, I do more towels and 1 more person laundry and the ocasional odd thing tossed in hall basket. Mom aka Nana takes over on weekends, as she says, I do it all week and she thinks I deserve a break. 

Now to the torn part. I ran all over town yesterday. Casey and Dasiy, my dogs, had vet visits yesterday. For Daisy it's continued ear cleaning and treatments. I'm praying I can keep taking her consistently unlike in past. Her ear infections has been constant issue for at least a year if not more. I feel horrid because I didn't know it was awfully bad at first and tried treating it myself. Nor did I know that I wasn't cleaning her ears properly or often enough. SO by the time I got her to the vet is was bad. Like already starting to calcify and may need surgery bad. Please God no surgery! I'd be hard pressed to pay thousands of dollars for anything let alone surgery on her ears. Last week our new vet gave us the riot act about Daisy and suggested we needed to do better and her ears should never have gotten so bad. Don't even get me started on how rude she was to Dave. She suggested we seek out hypoallergenic diet. But didn't really expound on it over much. She ushered us out as fast as she could. Back to yesterday. Different vet, same clinic. This lady much nicer and understanding. Not so hollier than thou and how dare you not give her better care. She said basically same things the other vet did but not in condesending way. She did suggest that a diet change (food with no beef, chicken, corn, wheat, or soy) would benefit my dogs in long run and would help Daisy not have such consistent ear problems if we can get this infection gone and no more calcifying and hopefully no surgery. And oh by the way, her ears will never be normal again. I'm okay with that as long as we can get her ears moderately healthy even if I have to treat them daily for the rest of her life. Casey was going for regular ck up and shots but she had ear infection, too. Not near as bad as Daisy and vet believes one treatment course is all she'll need. Casey does have and has always had a itching biting at her butt problem as long as we've had her. Vet said new diet suggested for Daisy would probably benefit her as well. If it does, great! It pains me that my dogs suffer so and that I've struggled to get them care as needed. It's always bugged me that Casey would scratch and bite herself raw with not much I could do to ease her problem. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love and adore my dogs or any pet I've ever had. They are fur babies to me. Not just animals. 

The torn part is the mixed reaction everyone around me gives me about the diet switch for my dogs. I mean I know, $48.00 for 24lb bag of dog food!! But if it helps and cuts down on vet visits, I say worth it. But Dave thinks it's load of crap, especially as everyone at vet office yesterday got same diet switch advice. I did point out to him that all dogs involved did have ear problems or other consistent health issues. Nana was like OMG Paulette I'm not even that bad! Meaning I spent too much on the reccomended food and she thinks I'm crazy. This from the lady who feeds her dog hot dog weenies and sliced ham with a little canned dog food. I'm sure that this diet doesn't help Coco's poopoo problem. But she's not my dog and not my decision. I just pick up when she messes up. She's hardly ever fed Coco dog food. Coco eats what Nana eats and doesn't eat what Nana doesn't eat. Ex, Nana doesn't like eggs, neither does Coco. Plus, all I've heard for last year from some others is, it's that *insert expletive* breed of dog. I don't know why you had to get a spaniel or floppy eared dog at all. She's probably in bred. UGH! ENOUGH ALREADY! Daisy was my choice! She is a most excellent dog and she adores Sean and followed him everywhere until we moved here. IF he went outside she would tear down door to follow. I like to say, Daisy was my birthday present and my dog but Sean is her boy! 

So, that's what's on my mind in a nutshell. I never mind comments. Would be interested to see what y'all think about dog food issue. Please forgive any typos or misspellings. Typed this with dull roar of headache while I felt the need to let it pour out of me.

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