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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it 5 yet?

So today is just one of those days that seem simple but really it's not. So far. You know days where you don't think you have much to do but you kinda do. Days like oh I have plenty of time, no hurry. OMG what time is it?!

Today's agenda:

1) Keep reminding DH I want 2 NKOTBSB concert tickerts, floor seats preferred. Keep doing this everyday til tickets or proof of purchase are in my hands. (Don't ask!)

2) Take Daisy to vet.

3) Take Meg to lunch at McDs 

4) Go to Wal Mart buy DS emergency pair of jeans. (He has 4 pairs, all but 1 have holes in them and cannot be worn to school. Had plans to wash his good pair and he'd wear shorts to school. He disregarded shorts and got jeans out of dirty clothes basket.)

4) Fit in laundry and cleaning house.

3 and 4 order optional.

I lazed this morning. Had crazy idea Meg was going to stay home w/DH while I take Dog to Vet. Forgot DH had to work. Added Wal Mart and McDs to list of things to do today. 

While getting ready to go to Vets, I realize my wedding ring is not on my finger! Realize it's not in jewlery box or anywhere I usually keep it. 15 minutes later, find it in night shirt pocket. Why is it there? No clue. Don't recall putting it there.

Got to vets like 20m early cause I read the only clock in house set to be fast.

Forgot the must of go potty before leave house. Meg's busting a gut (me too) she needs to go potty. Vet office hasn't got public bathroom. Distract Meg and show her cool stuff on ph since rearranging Vet Office magazines got boring.

Finally! Daisy done. Vet gets through her weekly speech bout Daisy. I say this because it's the same info every week. Only today added, "Daisy seems stressed and we don't want to stress her so come back in 2 weeks instead of 1." YAY! We have 2wks to figure out how the heck we're gonna pay the bill.

Take Daisy home. Start laundry. Get distracted from Wal Mart and McD trip cause had to get my new song off DHs Mac Book and onto my iPad. This sounded way simple but really wasn't. Totally shoulda known to mess w/it later. Meg reminds me she's hungry so off we go to McDs.

NOT! This is where I realize I have lost my keys. They are no where I usually leave them. (Purse, counter, peg board) About 10 min later find them in front door. Leaving keys in door is not something I usually do.

Only, McDs way packed so we go to Wal Mart instead. Wal Mart mostly uneventful. Except on way out saw woman with bath towel wrapped round her hair. What in the hell are people thinking to go out like that?!

Turns out going to Wal Mart first was a good call. Not long after sitting at McDs school nurse calls. Sean has peed on his shirt and can we bring him a shirt cause he is having fit over boring one from nurse's office. Attempt talking sense to Sean about borrowing a shirt from the nurse. He's having none of it. I hear things like "Why are you never home!" "Why you gotta take Daisy to Vet take care of her yourself!" Decide it's no use, give in, "Ok I'll be there in 10 minutes, let me talk to the nurse, please." Grab Meg, grab her food, hit door running to go give Sean a clean shirt. Try explaining to Meg how Sean peed on his shirt and how girls usually don't have this problem.

Get home (again), realize Meg has food, I don't. In the rush, I threw away my lunch! Thankfully, not my Dr Pepper just the food. There's money wasted but okay, leftovers it is.

I'm really wondering if the rest of the day is gonna be like this or if regularly scheduled programing will return. Right now, it's 2:oo pm (ish), I've managed to do 2 loads of laundry and p/u kids room.

All I can think is...It's 5 O'Clock somewhere....

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