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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preschoolers & Blankies

So this has been on my mind more and more of late. It's really starting to make me spin in place. Well, spinning in place is probably a gross exaggeration. Anyways, on to my point (I do have one, at least I think I do) when is it time for a kid to give up a blankie?

My little Meggie is 4 1/2 yrs old. Her blankie is her almost constant  companion. I say almost because it doesn't always leave the house with her these days nor does she always drag it around. It may make the occasional car ride with her and one or two of her baby dolls. If it comes with her in the car it usually stays in the car. Some days it's drug all over the house and is never far from her sight unless it's being washed (either by my need to make sure it's clean or her request for fear it's not clean enough, this is another story with her). The only time she definitely has to have it is at bed time.

It's never really bugged me til more and more people joke about it and suggest it may be time to kick the blankie habit. One suggestion was to cut a little of it away every time I wash it til there is no more blankie and just tell her the washer shrunk it or some other such nonsense. That seems harsh to me and not something Meggie would fall for. She'd know it was cut and demand repair. Others are like, reason with her. Point out that she's a big girl and doesn't need it. Say what? I cannot tell her that, I'm 33 and I still HATE the dark! The category I'm falling into is when she's ready to let it go she will. This seems to some as lax and coddling and any number of other bad things.

Well, she is my baby. The last I'll have til either Rob marries and has kids I can spoil or my kids grow up and give me grandbabies (like in 30yrs). So, there could be coddling going on. I mean this isn't a binky/bottle/sippy cup that could ruin her teeth. (that's a whole other issue she's never had). I struggled with my oldest, Sean, giving up his binky and I hated feeling like I was traumatizing him. Bridge, well she never really had any thing she clung to other than me and her naanaas (that's breasts for those of you not of the breastfeeding lingo) but by 18mos she was weaned. Same for Meg, I weaned her when she was 18mos. (Ok, so that was little back/side tracking but seriously do not get me started on the flack I took for going that long) So forgive me if I'm inclined to let Meg have her blankie til she let's it go or it disintegrates (this is no exaggeration! the thing looks like it has been through a war or two at least!)

Meanwhile, I wish, wish, wish I could find some way of telling others who give their opinions to back the heck off! But in a respectful way. She gets called Linus, which upsets her and me. Her because her name is Meghan and she'll tell you if you ever call her something not her name. Me because I'm all like don't call my baby names (even though I understand the reference)! But that seems a little hypocritical since I call my girls Diva and Mega Drama when they really get going. (I know shame on me but seriously it's just like that when they get going on melt downs) So, I usually just laugh, smile, and nod and say something like, "Well I'm sure she'll let it go by the time she goes to Kindergarten." This gets me stares that seem to say, "OMG! You are insane and should be locked up. You are traumatizing her by letting hold on to the unneccessary. You sure your not a California mom? (no insult to California but lax or laid back parenting seems to have picked up this name)

So, what camp to you fall into? Am I crazy for letting her keep the well loved and much abused blankie? I mean, with no input from me she's dragging it around less and less. Or should I step right in and nip it in the bud and take it away? Be warned, either way I'm still inclined to believe no interference is needed at this time. It's not like I foresee her continuing this well into her elementary years. And again, it's not like it's a binky or thumb sucking or bottle/sippy cup issue. (Don't get me started on those. I could tell you horror stories of people doing this well into later school years, but who am I to judge?)


  1. Nic loves his pink blankie and it even goes to school with him. Let Meggie keep her blake as long as she wants. It doesn't hurt anything.

  2. Thanks Hun! I totally agree, no harm no foul. =)


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