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Friday, July 29, 2011

These Things Happen

I'm a grown up. At least that's what my age of 33 tells me. And yet? Yet I still have my moments when I act like a teenager. Like most anytime Rach and I get together & especially at concerts like NKOTBSB. Makes sense, right? Well, of course it does.

Then there are other days I make crazy decisions that seemed good but weren't. If you follow me on twitter you probably already know where this is headed. For the rest of you, sit tight and try not to laugh too hard, Okay? Okay.

Wednesday started like any other day. Normal. Or what qualifies as normal when you have 3 kids under the age 10 and live with your in laws. I was determined to clean the whole house, especially the kids room. Dave had told me that Mom said it needed to be done. Well, the kids never seem to be able to do it perfectly right. So to save myself the fuss at them I did it myself. Since I was cleaning it I thought might as well clean it from top to bottom. (ceiling to floor) All was going great UNTIL I made the incredibly bad decision to stand on the rocking chair to clean the ceiling fan and the ceiling corners of the room. No, I didn't fall but apparently some how managed to pull a muscle. Didn't notice this til after I had finished their room, cleaned the bathrooms, and the living room. Totally forgot we had a step ladder. (You know, small in house one)

You'd think that'd be enough. You'd be wrong. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. Yesterdya I noticed the living room ceiling fan was really nasty. Off I trotted to get the things I'd need to clean it. Step ladder and swiffer extend reach duster. All was fine til I was stepping down off the ladder. BOOM! Next thing I know, I'm on the floor wondering what in tarnation happened. Jarred my back, lovely, and had instant headache. My girls, bless them, came to hug and kiss Mama on the floor. Bridge helped me up after moving the ladder. I managed to get the ladder put up. Bridge decided to vacuum. I finished vacuuming, since she only vacuumed the spot where all the dust was.

I'm accident prone, yes. But this? This was crazy even for me. It was pointed out to me that we have a swiffer extend a reach is in the house. Why yes, yes we do. EXCEPT I'm short and also you really cannot clean the fans properly unless you can hold one blade so the fan doesn't spin around whilst you clean it. Otherwise, you're just rearranging the dust. I know that the women reading this are nodding their heads in agreement. Men are probably shaking their heads.

Last night, I thought Meg was getting sick. Bridge was finally better. (She'd been ill for 2 days) Meg kept complaining of a headache. Gave her tylenol and cuddled her. No fever. Just the near constant crying and not wanting to be anywhere but with me. Best I can figure, she slept funny the night before and has a sore muscle. She's prone to the most awkward sleeping positions known to man. Our bed, hardly big enough for 2 let alone 3. I gave up. I hobbled to the couch in the office carrying my leopard blanket and fluffy pillow. Today, Meg complaining much less and running around like no one's business.

Whilst hubby cleaned up Coco mess and whatever disaster the kids made of the kitchen, I went to take a shower. Not planning to shave but decided to since I couldn't stand it any more. After getting dressed hubby feels my legs and says there not so bad. I look at him and said it's because I shaved them! He was like, Oh. Me, I'm like what the heck was I thinking. Anyways...yeah.

As if all that wasn't bad enough.....

TMI WARNING: I give you full permission to stop reading. Especially if you're male.

You've Been Warned!

I've had a UTI almost all week! I've had very little caffeine drinks and all the water I can stand to drink. Basically it's water all day long. Not just a glass here or there but 2 12oz glasses back to back. I maybe have like 5-6 or so glasses of water in hour time span. Attempting to flush everything out. After a trip to the bathroom I drink a 6oz glass right then and there. Then begin it all again. I think I'm going to have to admit defeat and call the doctor. And add cranberry juice. I keep forgetting to ask hubby to get some. He feels horrid about it all. Let's face it, he probably feels a tad guilty. Whatever. These things, they happen.

I'm miserable. I'm in pain literally everywhere. And clearly I felt the need to share. If you read this whole post, way to stick it out and reading every word! If not, thanks for reading.