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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother ~ Epidsode 5

FYI: This post has been in draft for days. For various reasons I didn't publish it before. Decided to post it today, 7-24-11.

Big Brother ~ Episode 5 Have/Have Not & Eviction Nominations

We see Bubbles in Diary saying how sad she is to see Keith go...NOT!

Then we see Jeff in Diary about how he hopes Bubbles is on their side and numbers on growing in their favor. (Team Rocky)

Mamas Boy in Diary says he's upset to know that 2 of the Newbies turned traitor. Says he feels like he has been shanked multiple times.

Kalia in Diary says Keith calling her out  in front of the Newbies prompted her vote against him.

Shelly in Diary says she's aligned with the Team Rocky and the best part the Newbies don't know it's her.

Adam in Diary says that after Keith walked out that door reality set in the the Newbies were not united. Everybody put on a face to show they were upset but at this point he knows not to trust anybody.  (Guess he's not fully on board w/Team Rocky.)

Lawon in Diary says he has been completely blindsided. To know that two people from our side went to the other side, that's gost me furious like a volcano on a hot day in Hawaii gettin ready to erupt. (I'm thinking theres a lot he says that makes no sense but it's funny)

Back to Bubbles in Diary talking bout how she has her Golden Key and cannot be evicted til 10 are left. Even though she cannot compete in competition she can still vote.

Rachel in Diary talking bout what a tough spot they were in but how they were still able to pull it off the House majority. If the Newbies had really banded together they could've evicted Bubbles. She's thankful the Newbies are idiots.

Back to Jeff in Diary once again saying how great Jordan did today (in HOH Competition) and how she's underestimated. (I think he has a point)

Jordan in Diary YAY! I just won HOH! I don't have to worry bout somebody coming after me. They can worry bout me coming after them. It's the best thing could happen.

Cassi in Diary saying it's scary for the *insert air quotes* New Kids  *end air quotes* to have a Veteran in power again cause we know without a doubt it's one of us goin up. And we just can't afford to lose another vote. It sucks. 

We then see the Vets celebrating in the bright room (no idea what it's called). Jeff tells, "Jordan I can't believe you sunk it. I'm not gonna lie my heart was thumping." Rachel says, "Did you see their faces?!" 

We then get to see the Newbies in the Have Not Room discussing who turned. They all say they'd like to know who it was. Lawon says, "I'm so pissed right now. Reason I was crying is because I was pissed. I stuck my ass out for everybody on our team and somebody...But guess what? It's on and crackin"

Enter Adam. Someone asks if anyone is goin to admit they (Team Rocky) came to them at all. Cassi and Mamas Boy say no one came to them. Adam says they came to him and he said yes to their face but was like no. Talks bout how Dick came to him and said he had to throw HOHs and stuff. Cassi asks why he'd say yes. Adam says something like It's Dick, why would I say no? Dominic walks out.

Adam in Diary says Mamas Boy just walked out. Made me think he didn't want to stay around cause he was the rat. And was afraid he'd get called out.  (I am so laughing at this point. Always amused when the House splits and no one knows who defected)

Kalia in Dirary saying that there's two people in their that are lying about their votes and I'm not gonna tell em one was me.

Back in Bright Room  Kalia says thats the one thing they (Team Rocky) have cause no matter what they stick together. Adam speculates he's the next target. 

Rachel enters asks "How's everything goin?" 

Kalia says, "Two of our own didn't vote the way we were supposed to." 

Rachel, "Are there sides?" 

Cassi says, "It's not a matter of sides it's how we all felt about Bubbles, is all." 

Rachel, "Some of us like Bubbles. And she's here now for a month." (said as she walks out of Have Not Room)

Cassi, "I'm not gonna be bullied."

Back in Bright Room Mamas Boy says he wants to know where the votes were. That he thought they (Vets) were indifferent. Jeff says they are. Mamas Boy wonders who are the two votes they got. Who did y'all get? Jeff says he doesn't know. Dom wants to know who they went to. That they didn't come to him. Jeff points out he (Mamas Boy) didn't come to them. The discussion continues along this line. I really think Dom thought Jeff would rat someone out. 

In the pantry Bubbles and Rachel are having a whispered party and Bubbles tell Rachel that Lawon is being so funny, he cried about it.

Bubbles in Diary saying that Cassi started this We Hate Bubbles Club that she's the sole member of. Sooner or later she (Cassi) will be voted out. (Right now I think that as soon as Team Rocky gets what they want after Golden Key runs out Bubbles better watch her back, but I like Team Rocky and Shelly)

In Bright Room Daniele tells Kalia thanks. Kalia tells her, "They all think it's Adam. Cause your dad approached him and asked him to do things. They're all freaking out."

Shelly enteres Purple Room where Adam is. Asks if he's ok. Adam says he's not. Shelly tells him not to play with his partner anymore, play individually. Go make a deal. 

In Diary Adam says that Mamas Boy walking out on him when he came clean that the Vets came to him made him stop trusting Dom.

Mamas Boy and Cassi in Have Not Room. He tells Cassi he thinks it's Adam. That if they had the votes they'd still have Keith and be running the tables right now. Cassi says it's not over yet. He says it is for him. (You may recall that Mamas Boy created the Regulators and Adam was not part of that.) Talk is about getting Daniele on their side.

In Diary Mamas Boy says he is done with Adam.

Mamas Boy and Daniele discussing game and who is with who. He flirts with her thinking he can get her taht way.

Rachel and Cassi both think it's awkward now between them. Cassi says she's not gonna cower in a corner because Rachel is Rachel.

Jordan says, "Who wants to see my HOH room?!" Of course they all go. Mostly to kiss butt.

Brendon enters backyard in his Super Hero outfit. Comic relief. He picks up Frankiln (a rubber turtle) goes to camera says Franklin is his side kick.

Lawon in Diary saying he doesn't know if Brendon's move was a fool move or not but it's crazier in the Big Brother house.

Mamas Boy and Bredon in backyard having Super Hero fight.

Mamas Boy in Diary sayin he was sucking up a bit. (You may recall the last time the Vets started comic relief he was not participating)

Adam goes to HOH Room. He's obviously trying to make a deal. Tells JJ that he voted with his the Newbies.  But he's done with them. He'll owe them one if he gets the Golden Key.

Mamas Boy and Daniele in backyard discussing game. He's trying to get Daniele on his side. Daniele tells him that she's not going to put her back against the wall if he's not going to help her.

In Bright Room Jeff says that Mamas Boy is running the circus over there. Rachel says Cassi is running it. Rachel in Diary says Cassi is a floater. Jeff says they might could make a deal with Cassi by telling her everyone hates her.

Have/Have Not Competition: March of the Ants

Jordan comes out dressed as an ant. She tells them that since she's HOH she and Jeff are Haves. As are Daniele and Bubbles since they are Golden Key holders.

Duo are dressed together in Super Ant costumes.

Suepr Ant teams have to get across a huge picnic blanket obstacle to the other end get a food crumb bring it back to their hill. First team to get 4 food crumbs wins. The winning team gets to pick 2 duos to be Have Nots.

Brenchel Wins!

House Guests begin to notice Kalia is obviously hurt. House Guests are trying to help her. Medics come to help.

They choose to Mamas Boy/Adam and Cassie/Shelly  be Have Nots.

America chose Jelly Beans and Jerky in addition to Slop for the Have Nots.

Mamas Boy goes to HOH room to try to make a deal with JJ. JJ doesn't make a commitment to Mamas Boys. Cassi comes to JJ to talk deal, too. She says she's on board with JJ. Later when Daniele is in HOH room  with JJ, Jeff says he wants Mamas Boy gone. Daniele says she wants Cassi gone. That Mamas Boy will be easier to manipulate. 

Nomination Ceremony:

Jordan gives Jeff his key since he is her partner. Daniele and Bubbles get their keys since they have Golden Keys.

Jordan pulls Brenchels' keys.

Brendon pulls Shelly/Cassi

Cassi pulls Kalia/Lawon

Jordan goes with her gut to Nominate Adam/Mamas Boy. (Instead of Shelly/Cassi)

Final Thoughts: Jordan nominating Mamas Boy and Adam is the call I would've made, too. I hope they vote to evict Mamas Boy.