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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 ~ Ep 2,3,4 Recaps

FYI: This post has been in draft for awhile. I decided just today (7-24-11) to post it here. This post can also be found  at The Media Blast web site, I promise it's prettier over there. I want to thank them for hosting me. You can find The Media Blast on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Ok, first I apologize for the tardiness in Big Brother 13 updates. But I'm sure all will agree that family comes first. Yes, I did other posts but those don't require the same thought process and time. Okay? OK.

Recap of Sunday's Show: The Blind Leading the Blind ~ Have/Have Not & Eviction Nominees

This is our first glimpse of game strategy. Team Vets vs Team Newbies w/Team Vets in control. We get an overload of Brenchel and Jordan/Jeff, no cute name for them as far as  I know, I'll call them JJ.

We get to know how superficial Rachel is, in case we weren't already aware.

Cuteness overload of JJ but I love that.

We also get to see Dick run around starting to play strategy. (even tho most of us knew that he had left the house for family emergency, I believe it was) I think it was Dick that first suggested TeamVets bring in a Newbie or 2 to have numbers in their favor. Dick approached Porsche (probably cause she's an air head). She accepts.

Dominic forms a team from 1 member from each Newbie Team. They decide to call themselves The Regulators. They are Dominic aka Mama's Boy, Lawon, Keith, and Cassi. It's OK to puke. Especially cause the way Mama's Boy talks about it and says The Regulators. UGH!

Prosche tells Keith that she thinks they should team up w/Team Vets. He pretends to go along with the idea. Then promptly rats her out to The Regualtors. (She what I mean about the air head commment? I'd have totally kept that to myself til I was surer of my team mate)

Then Rachel comes out in this BRIGHT cow costume. It's obviously time for the Have/Have Not Competition. Brendon and Rachel are not playing as Rachel is HOH and are automatically Haves. For this competition the pairs are asked to form a team with another pair. All teams are dressed in team colored cow costumes.

The teams were:

Green: Adam, Dominic, Keith, & Porsche
Orange: Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, Lawon
Blue: Daniele, Dick, Jeff, Jordan

The backyard was turned into the Milky Way on the Moon. The object was to fill 6 milk bottles by having 3 Team Members (the Cows) soak themselves in the milk and run to the Milking Platform where the 4th Team Member (the Milkman) Milks the Cows.  The first 2 teams to fill all their bottles are the Haves for the week.

The Haves for the Week are Blue and Green.  (Adam, Dominic, Keith, Porsche, Daniele, Dick, Jordan, & Jeff)

Leaving the Orange Team as the Have Nots. (Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, & Lawon)

We now get to see the Have Not Room which is hideous! The lights are super bright and cannot EVER be turned out. The walls are padded. The bed, if you can call it that looks horrid. Better them than me.

Dick now approaches Adam to be a part of Team Vets. Adam considers it but doesn't commit either way.

Rachel and Jordan talk strategy. Rachel says that the Golden Key creates the Ultimate Floater and we all know how she feels about Floaters...I agree Floaters SUCK! Dick comes in and tells them that Porsche is will do anything they want. (more airhead proof)

Rachel decides to Nominate Porsche/Keith going along w/Dicks plan to out Keith and use Porsche. Porsche will be safe for the first 4 wks (or 3 as we know Daniele has lost her partner but CBS addresses the Dick issue on Wed show) and will be more likely to go along with Team Vets.

As credits get ready to roll Keith is cokcsure he will not be leaving. Porsche worries she will go and that was the plan all along even though she was told the plan. Apparently she needs it spelled out and not just understood. Sheesh.  (see, airhead) Maybe I'll start calling her Bubbles. Okay? OK.

Recap of Wednesday's Show:  Evel Exits, Downhill Keith ~ POV Competition

Keith notices that Porsche, henceforth referred to as Bubbles, is going to the Vets to talk. He starts to show signs of freaking out. Bubbles starts to bawl because she has no clue what is what. She thinks she's the target and not Keith. She worries about throwing the POV Competition. Brenchel reassures Bubbles that she is safe. After she leaves the HOH Room Brenchel and Daniele worries Bubbles too ditzy to use.

Keith informs Cassi, Lawon, and Kalia that Bubbles has turned traitor. Kalia tells Keith he needs to talk to the Vets, too. He's vehemently against it. Keith starts to talk about throwing the POV.

Dick is called to Diary room. After awhile we see that House Guests start to wonder where he is.

As we are told 2 hours later Rachel is called to the Diary Room.

Rachel comes back to tell them that Dick has had to leave the game. Since through no fault of her own Daniele is now partnerless she gets the first Golden Key. She is now safe til 10 House Guests remain. She will no longer participate in competitions that affect POV/HOH.

Team Vet retreats to HOH room. We see that Daniele is shaken by what has gone down and is a bit worried as to what would cause Dick to leave given how much he loves  the BB game. Jordan enters and informs Brenchel and Daniele that Keith is smiling and laughing. Brendon gets enraged. It takes all them to keep him from going down to kick some Newb Butt! Team Vet starts to approach meltdown and defeated til Jeff points out it's only week one. They are not out of it yet. He tells em to knuckle up like Rocky. I like that. I may call them Team Rocky. Okay? OK.

We now see Keith in the Wash Room gloating. Shelly is disgusted with Keith's behavior. Cassi and Mama's Boy seem to agree.

Next we see Keith further meldown. He suspects Bubbles and Kalia are traitors. Forget for the moment that he's partly right. But now he's saying Kalia & Bubbles is part of Team Rocky and it goes down hill from their. Kalia, Mama's Boy, Adam, and Lawon start to think that Keith has jumped the Crazy Train or at least the Conspiracy Theory Train. It's both, actually.

POV Competition:

6 people compete. HOH/Partner: Brenchel, The Nominated Duo: Keith/Bubbles

Diary clip shows that Keith's plan is to throw the POV.

Rachel draws Jeff/Jordan for the 3rd team to compete. Adam is chosen as Host.

Diary reveals Daniele is now okay with her Golden Key and plans to spend the next 4wks (3) playing the social game.

Diary reveasl Bubbles plans to win the POV as her partner doesn't wanna be her partner.

Team Rocky decides they need to approache Bubbles to make sure she's gonna follow through with throwing the POV.

Adam comes out in a Police Uniform to announce it's POV  time. The POV Competitors are in Super Hero garb. GAG ME! Jordan points out in Diary that there's only one focal point on the guys and well it's obvious what she means. Let's just say, some of us need our eyeballs replaced, probably.

The POV is a tower building puzzle. Each team has a runner and a flyer. The runner gets the puzzle pieces for the flyer. The flyer puts them on the building. The runner controls the flyer (when the runner walks away from the flyer they fly, duh!). First team to complete the puzzle and hang the POV piece wins.

Diary reveals that Keith and Bubbles are throwing the POV. (We knew that already, thank you very much)

Brenchel wins the POV. Bubbles and Keith make excuses for why they didn't win. Bubbles is more believable even though we know she is lying. Keith, is so obvious I'd be surprised if someone didn't pick up on it.

Thursday's Recap: Cocky Fail ~ Live Eviction & HOH 

We se Keith in Diary totally not sweating the fact that he could potentially leave. Bubbles Diary reveals her to be confident, as well. Just not annoyingly so. Plus, most would agree with her. We also get to see Keith approach Bubbles and assures her she's a good person...blah blah....

The Regulators minus Keith in the Have Not Room discuss who should go. General consensus is Bubbles. 

Diary of Cassi reveals she doesn't trust Keith but believes he's on their side.

Cut to Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel in HOH room discussing how important it is that Bubbles stay. Plus who else can they get on their team. Adam and Cassi's names are mentioned.

Now we get to see Team Rocky to play the social game and get the Newbies involved in game of Big Booty and Dancing. These hijinks are hilarious and all Newbies but Mama's Boy fully take part and enjoy the fun. He's very concentrated on what they are trying to gain. During/shortly after this we see Rachel call Brendon by his pet name "Bookie". This get Brendon very upset. We get to see Brenchel have a lovers spat over this. In my opinion, this was a ridiculous fight. BUT I also think that pet names are private and should stay that way unless the other is okay with it. Rachel apologizes to Brendon and uses a word unfamiliar to most of us demasculinitized. They make up. 

Now, we see Jeff approach Shelly about being apart of their Team. In the Wash Room Team Rocky discusses approachoing  to be sure he's with them. Jeff believes Adam should be allowed to name their team as he's the Super Fan plus it could bring him to their side fully.  Adam says Adam's Angels, seemingly jokingly but I think he may be serious. Daniele, the voice of reason, says they'll work on it.

In the backyard we see Cassi telling all theKalia and Shelly how important it is to keep Keith. With his antics once free weeks are over both sides will go after him. Shelly admits in Diary she's playing both sides. Cassi then is seen with Adam discussing the same thing, keeping Keith evicting Bubbles. Adam tells her he hasn't told Bubbles she has his vote.

We get to see a video of Dick explaining why he had to leave w/o revealing too much info. (On his own personal VLOG he says it's an family emergency and he's agreed not to reveal who/what to protect privacy of those involved.) He apologizes and says he'll be watching the show and see everyone again at the Finale.

Now Julie replays the clips from Have Not Competition. All House Guests get a laugh out of it. Julie then talks to Adam about being a Super Fan and playing with the greats. He says he thanks to Evel Dick he knew he could get on the show but now they're competitors and not just someone he watches.

Last Words: Keith tells Bubbles she rocks and to everyone else he says have fun, don't take things personal, it's just a game. Bubbles thanks everyone for allowing her to be there. Thanks the Vets for showing them around the house...blah blah SUCK UP!

Live Voting Begins:

Dominic votes to evict Bubbles
Brendon votes to evict Keith
Jordan votes to evict Keith
Cassi votes to evict Bubbles
Lawon votes to evict Bubbles
Jeff votes to evict Keith
Daniele votes to evict Keith (also explains she loves her father and has been worried bout him since he left)
Adam votes to evict Bubbles
Kalia votes to evict Keith (1st of the Newbs to flip)
Possible Tie Vote
Shelly votes to evict Keith (our 2nd flipper)

Julie announces that w/vote of 6 to 4 Keith is evicted.

Julie tells the House Guests that Bubbles now has a Golden Key and is safe for now.

Keith exits to applause. House Guests are seen whispering and waiting for Keith's light to go out.

Julie tells Keith he was more than confident even cocky that he wouldn't be evicted. He laughs and says he was very shocked. Reviews his game play wishing he had not trusted his alliance and thrown the POV. He admits he got played. Julie asks why he chose Bubbles. He admits his plan didn't work. 

Goodbye messages. 

Cassi says he came to play Dating Game not BB. He dug his own grave.
Lawon tells him he acted a fool, you like a time bomb, that's why you sittin out there BOOM goes the dynamite (I think that's what he said)
Rachel tells him he was hit by Hurricane Brenchel .
Bubbles tells him he deserves to be evicted and he tried to play her. You can look but you can't touch.

Live HOH Competition: Big Brother Open

Mini Golf
1 putt trying to land ball into first position marked w/flag. Over shoot hole and end up in water hazard you're eliminated. House Guest closest to hole in one wins. In case of tie, tie breaker. 

Putting order determined by Rachel the outgoing HOH.

Dominic scores 6. Leader by default.
Adam scores 8. Eliminated.
Cassi hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Shelly hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Lawon who putts horribly hits water hazard. Eliminated.
Shelly ties Dominic. TIE.
Jordan scores 3. New Leader!
Jeff rather obviously misses. Eliminated.
Brendon misses on purpose too, hitting sand. Eliminated.

Jordan new HOH! Team Rocky still on top! 2nd straight week to hold HOH.

We rejoin the House Guests in the Living Room. Julie congratulates Jordan on her first HOH. 
Asks Bubbles how she the Golden Key feels.

Viewer Questions:

To Shelly, "How hard is it to be away from your daughter?"  She says it hard and she misses her and shows the puppy her daughter gave her and that her daughter is the love of her life.

To Adam, "Your favorite 90210 character?" Donna Martin graduates,  He says, Donna Martin graduates...

We close peeking on House Guests. Talking amongst themselves, In seeming accord, for the moment.

Stay Tuned for next week! Hopefully my blog recaps will occur in more timely manner. ')