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Saturday, July 23, 2011

#WineParty Movies

Okay, just so you are fairly warned: It is 12:36am CST as I start to type this. I've had only 2 glasses of white wine the entire evening. Not too long ago I got off the phone with my hubby, Dave. Dave is out of town on business. I love that he called just to chat before bed. Kinda sweet/sad he knew I wasn't/wouldn't be asleep. Anyway, this isn't about that phone call. No, this is about #WineParty Movies. Some tweeps have been known to Vlog during/after #wineparty. Me? I tried to lay down but this post just kept running through my poor brain. I just had to write it or have it forever haunt me, ya know?

Tonight as some of my twitter and wine party friends may recall I was trying to find a movie to watch on Netflix while I chatted on twitter. Normally what I'm watching is a non issue but tonight I was faced with a dilemma. I wondered if others had at one time or another had this issue, too.

What are good #wineparty movies?

If you don't know what #wineparty is you can probably stop reading right now.

If, by chance, you are still reading, #WineParty is a twitter thing. It happens every Friday at 8pm CST and goes til who knows when. I think it ends when the last person tweeting forgets to put #wineparty in their tweets, goes to bed, or whatever. During a #wineparty it is not uncommon for people to go missing (sometimes due to #twitterjail) or for nonsense to abound. My view of #wineparty is it's a way to relax, unwind, and have fun while getting to know other people on twitter whom you may not otherwise run across. Got it? Good.

Now back to the problem at hand. #WineParty Movies. Say you're like me. You like to have something on the TV. Maybe TV sometimes acts background noise (cause you cannot stand the complete silence even though you dream of it all day long). You want something that you can watch but not watch. You know, an old favorite you've seen so many times it's not funny. A movie that you can watch and no matter your attention span you are never lost. A movie that is not complicated and doesn't require your full undivided attention.

Tonight I watched Little Shop of Horrors during #WineParty. It's a quirky little movie that is good to watch when you don't know what to watch. It's not necessarily an old fav, just something that can play in the background while you tweet. You're not likely going to need to back up this flick and re watch a part just cause you missed it.

I must've spent easily, 20 minutes or more trying to find a movie to watch. Hubby wasn't home so horror and flicks that make you cry were out. Movies I haven't seen before and might require me to pay attention were also out.

Most times, I listen to music or whatever movie/tv show hubby is playing but what if you are alone. What is good back ground tv/movie?

Here is my list of #WineParty Movies (in no particular):

Little Shop of Horrors
Gone with the Wind (I've seen it so many times it's not funny but if you haven't then I wouldn't put it on the list)
any of the Oceans movies. (Ocean's 11, 12, 13)
Cheers (in case you fancy TV shows)
Arsenic & Old Lace (again, if you haven't seen it I'd leave it off the list but would definitely tell you it's a must watch any other time)

These are just off the top of my head. What movies do you think should be listed? Movies not your thing, what music do you think should be on the list?

Please, never tell me that you are comfortable sitting in silence in a semi dark room chatting on twitter. To me, that's just so wrong. Ok? Ok.

So, what are you waiting for? Comment away and tell me what you do doing #wineparty, besides tweet and partake of your favorite beverage. What movies do you think are #wineparty movies? What should be on a #wineparty music list?