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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Throat Punch Thursday

Okay. So I haven't blogged in a while. I've been preoccupied with sick kids and falling once again this week. Yeah, I did. More bout that in a bit.

It's Thursday. Every Thursday or maybe most every Thursday my friend in blogging Leighann from Multitasking Mumma does a  Throat Punch Thursday post.  You should check her out. She's AWESOME!

Today for the first time I am participating. Not as witty or creative as some in my manner but rather straight forward in my approach.

First Throat Punch goes to sickness & klutziness. In this instance they go together. Most of y'all may recall that I've been hit with a round of klutziness lately. If you follow me on twitter you know this already. If not, I recommend this post.

After the worst of the sickness had passed my son I scrubbed & disinfected the crap outta the bathroom. I decided the shower curtain was over due for a wash and God knows what nastiness it was hiding. Once it was washed I went to hang it up. I've done this countless times before. As afore mentioned, this last week I have been the Queen of Klutziness. As I finished hanging up the shower curtain and was stepping off the side of the tub, (What?! How else does one hang a shower curtain?) I slipped and landed on my butt. Bruising, jarred back, and jokes abound. Unfortunately, my bounce has of late lost some of it's bounce back.

To the sickness that had me staying up all day and night with Sean therefore making me incredibly tired, cranky and yet determined to clean the bathrooms anyway I deliver you a double whammly left right punch to the throat. Not satisfying enough to my sense of fairness, I give you a nice kick in the ribs while your down! After all, I give as good as I get.

Second Throat Punch goes to that bitch Fate! Oh me and my BFF, Rach, may have fooled her and got around her plans to thwart us getting together this past Friday. Who knew Fate would attempt to have the last laugh? Oh we really should know better by now. We really should.

We had planned to hang out at her place and have a girls night for us and our kiddos, tossing in Nic just to be fair and for fun. Dave and Sean were going to be at local baseball game and all. But no. It was not to be. Due to unforeseen and sad circumstances we called it off. Causing me to be cranky and snappy. Hubby hands me money tells me to take the girls out. Get out of the house and stop being so thin with everyone. He's lucky I didn't bite his head off. I fully believe the $100.00 bill he handed me saved him.

Deciding to take them to see the Smurfs I called up Rach to see if she's up for it. She tried to beg off cause she had no funds and I was all like no problemo. Off we went to meet a theater near us to see the Smurfs. Oddly, not as horrid as I thought it'd be.

This must have really ticked Fate off. I mean it had to be at least the third time we got around her attempt to keep us apart. We had planned on a Tuesday get together at her place. Visiting and what not and toss in some sewing of patches to B's vest. Thanks to the above mentioned sickness and klutziness our planned day together never had a chance.

Fate, a good round house to the throat is the least I'd like to do to you but it'll do for now. Me and Rach are still working on more torture for you. She's a real genius at stuff like that.

Lastly I give a good hearty throat punch to a company that shall remain nameless. I love how you just today sent me an email telling me when an item I ordered was shipped on July 29. What happened to the email telling me when it was being shipped and when I could expect it? I got that item days a go. You my friend (I use the term loosely) are as they say a day late and a dollar short. While I did get my item in a timely manner but I may not recommend you as your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I truly don't appreciate my business being an after thought. If you say an email will be sent when my item is shipped I expect it to be so. I do not expect an email days after I received said item. Nor do I care what other neat items you have available. I may have cared had you sent the email in a timely manner like you did the item I ordered. I give you an A+ for quick service but an BIG FAT F- for your customer service. By the way, when I was trying to figure out how to place my order I tried calling you and you told me all representatives were busy and told me I could leave a message. WHAT?! No option to hold for the next available representative? I don't know bout anyone else but iffy or out right bad customer service ruins it all. So to you iffy Customer Service I give you a triple throat punch!

Phew! I feel much better now.

Via Twiter Leighann informed me that @TruthfulMommy is the originator of Throat Punch Thursday. Her sight is The Truth About Motherhood. I'll definitely be checking her out and you should, too.