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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say What?

 Common Sense, Back to School, Throw Up, & Spilled Fabric Softener

So last Thursday (8-18-2011) I took this photo. I Tweeted and Facebooked it. (In case you missed it)

Maybe Common Sense is not such a forgotten thing after all?
I thought it was worth sharing on my blog today. I love that it says "Common Sense Caution". I also thought this would be Pinterest worthy IF I were on Pinterest BUT I'm not, yet. Apparently it takes an invite and I'm still waiting. *sigh* (Should I have said that? :-/ )

Monday was the first day of school for my kids.

They say, "Do we have to do this every year?" Yes we do.
So, I took this photo. For the first time ever all of my kids are in school. Sean is a 4th Grader, Bridge a 1st Grader, & little Meggie is in Pre K. They make such a cute bunch. They seemed rather ready for school. Love it.

I woke up this morning to Dave telling Sean (rather loudly) to go to the bathroom. Moments later discovered he threw up (thankfully no pic of this) on his pallet in our room then by Dave's side of the bed. (Is it wrong that I'm happy he shared so well?) Took a peek at the clock, 4:00am. Awesome.

Dave cleaned up the mess while I started tossing things in the laundry and made sure Sean was not running a fever. He wasn't. We think it's just sinuses. But since he was up and down 3x over 2 hours we decided to keep him home today.

At around 5:00 am (ish) I heard a big boom but thought it was Dave. (No I do not want to explain that). A bit later, 5:50am to be exact, I walked to laundry room to switch loads. This is what I found.

At least it's not puke. 
Is it odd that my first thought was "Damn! My Shark Steam Mop died and I haven't got a new one yet."?
I blame Mommy Brain for me tweeting how to clean it up w/o a mop.

Me (@LittleMsP): Anyone know how to clean up a whole bottle fabric softener spilled on tile floor? Anyone? We do not own a regular mop in this house, btw.

Thanks to @NicoleFree for this: Use your bath towels to soak it up, but wash them right away so they don't get stained from fabric softener.

Gotta love this tweet from @redheadstepmom: @LittleMsP do you have a dirty, furry pet of some sort?

What more to say? It's almost 7:20am I'm typing this and Dave has taken the girls to school. Here I sit with finally something to blog about, sort of.

I was thinking that surely I'd become a social maven when all the kids started school this year. I'd be able to do whatever I wanted. Facebook and Tweet all day if I like. Have the ability to blog without being interrupted or feeling like I was ignoring anyone. So far, none of that has come true. Instead, I tweeted less, my klout score went down a whole 2 points. I couldn't think of anything to blog about. Rather, words to go with ideas.

Thank goodness for Wordless, or not so wordless, Wednesday and for lovely tweeps always ready to help or give ya a good laugh.

Thanks @FarewellStrangr for the Piniterest Invite. =) Now I have something new to explore and love. You should check out her blog Farewell Stranger.

Added @redheadstepmom as the tweeter of fluffy pet tweet.