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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

They Are Who They Are and It's Awesome!

Today I wanted to share a few pictures Bridgette has drawn recently. For a 7 year old and me being her Mama, I think they are quiet good. She captures emotions in some of them. In others I can tell she didn't quite get what she wanted but is proud of them anyway. 

 I found though, that I couldn't share just her pictures. I had to share howI love each of my kids and who they are. I love how they are all exactly happy to be who they are all the time. I hope they never ever lose that quality. 

Sean 10, He is all boy and don't we all know it! He loves his video games and his schedule to remain consistent. Lucky we are mostly able to do that for him. Even though you can never know what will cause a melt down even though you try to avoid it, I love that you always know what he is thinking/feeling. Which is probably why it's so easy for him to get picked on by others. Like this one kid who told a teacher Sean was writing inappropriate things in his diary. First of all, how would he know? That diary uses a special pen that needs a special light to read. The teacher took it from Sean and gave it to me in the p/u line and told me about it. I told Sean I do not care what he writes in his diary/journal. It's his personal space. Just for the love of God do not take it to school and give someone a chance to cause you trouble.

Bridge 7, She has definitely always been all girl and a tad dramatic. She's always known just what she wants and how to get it. She loves to draw. Thankfully she now is old enough to know that drawing is for paper not walls, sheets, sister, computers, etc.. She is all about the big picture and giant steps. When she was around 3 she'd as her Pop Pop (FIL) for money, nothing special all kids tend to do this at some point, but instead of asking for a dollar or so she'd say, "Pop Pop can you give me $50." I think she gets that from Nana (MIL).

Meg 5, Has a fashion sense all her own and amped up big sisters attitude to get her nick named Mega Drama. She is not afraid to wear a shirt dress w/tutut skirt over leggings/jeans and add another skirt under the tutu skirt of the dress. I love that sometimes her skirts over jeans/leggings has nothing to do with the outfit as a whole. Someday I am gonna have to get pictures of it. She is the baby and she knows it. But she is always in the moment and happy go lucky kinda gal, for the most part.

These are the pictures Bridgette has drawn recently that I wanted to share.

This one had Hubs wondering what the heck was going on with that line that shouldn't be there? Trust me, we all giggled over it but not around B. She taped this up on her wall so I know she likes it. Personally, I think that line one she started and didn't like the way it was going. So, she moved on as you cannot erase crayon.

This is one of my favs. That dog totally looks snooty/snobbish to me. Love that she wrote the name on the bowl.

No idea where she got the inspiration for this one. Cartoon maybe? I think she purposely left the dog unfinished. Cause he/she is all lonely attached to the dog house.

You gotta love the eye on this one. She kinda is saying "Is that what you are feeding me?!"