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Monday, September 17, 2012

Who's 8?

So, the 14th was my Bridgette's 8th birthday. I have no idea where the years have gone.

Suddenly she is so big and smart and well, talented. She reads very well, just as she should. But what is more amazing to me is how well she draws and really, she always has. She started at about age 3 tracing her toy ponies. We just keep encouraging her in little ways. You know, by providing supplies to draw/color with or on. Hanging up her art work. (we actually hang up all the kids random art and replace it when they give us new ones) Last year for Christmas, I believe, we bought her a how to draw horses book. She's used it so much she's had to tape it. That's right, she taped it back together. I just randomly found it one day. Smart I tell ya.

Dragons are her new thing

We took her to Fudruckers on Friday for her Birthday Dinner. We gave our presents that night but forgot to take pictures of her opening them. So, I took pictures when we got home. I figured better to let her have something to open on her birthday and a few less things we would need to bring back from her party on Sunday.

Princess Cadance from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

New NIV Bible cause the one she got when going into Kindergarten has been put up a little too well.  And hey! It has a horse on it. Perfect.

New bracelet w/a cross inside a butterfly.

Speaking of her party on Sunday. Hubs decided it needed to be at Chuck E Cheese. We usually just go to our local Peter Pipers where most of us agree the pizza is much better. So to Chuck E Cheese we went. Hadn't been there in years. Turns out they redesigned it. Too bad they didn't overhaul their craptastic pizza. BUT the kids all had fun, so that's really all that matters. Me being ill today from the pizza not agreeing with me, small price to pay. Though I did notice 2 of my 3 kids really didn't eat any pizza at all. So, on the ride home we stopped at McDs drive thru. Poor Meg was so wore out she insisted on being carried, I gave in. The whole way to McDs all we heard was Meg saying, "I'm tired. I'm thirsty. I'm hungry."

Bridge did a really good job of talking and playing with everyone. She didn't even flip out too much when Big Brother Sean decided to help her blow out her candles before she did. We just relit the candles and she blew them out. No big.

Waiting to blow out the candles

Brother did what?! He blew them out before she could. Relit them and went on.

Cake before candle lighting.

When opening presents she genuinely loved everything she got and took the time to read the cards! She also thanked everyone. I had little prodding to do to remind her to say thanks. That makes me so proud. Really.

Dream Lites that matches her Pillow Pet

Jewelry kit

Card she noticed after she took out the DVD.

Cool horse shirt w/bible verse on it

We <3 Veggie Tales!

A Doodle Book for Girls

A binder of how to draw various things w/plain paper put together for her by my BFF! She loved this! 

Fleecy blanket. No more stealing mine.

Lava Lamp = Super Cool!

Although, I would like to point out that letting your kid blow a whistle inside Chuck E Cheese is not a good idea. Hey! It's loud enough in their with kids playing, crying, screaming, and what not, we really don't need to hear an annoying whistle, too.

Big kudos and loves to my BFF and to Hubs who allowed B's fake snakes from the prize counter be lost/have some horrid unfortunate accident. Even Aunt Julia tried to talk her out of getting them. She and I think alike about those awful fake snakes. *shudder*

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