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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wannabe OCD Senses Get Triggered

I know, I shouldn't but little things get to me. Make my wannabe OCD senses tingle and go into overload. I'm not just talking your every day run of the mill someone didn't clear the microwave timer. No, it's more nerve wracking than that.

It's common sense stuff. And surprise surprise it's the same repeat offenders. 3 of them on any given day can be kids under the age of 18. 2 of them are frequently people over the age of 18. Both should know better. Hubs falls into that category. Well, maybe he just stumbles into it every so often and he's always sorry he did. By which I mean, I say something to him and he apologizes for said offense. BIL on the other hand, takes people for granted. Like hey, I live with Mom and she'll take care of it OR hey! sometimes it just magically gets done. (the magic being either myself or Mom taking care of it.)

The kids are learning and most of the time they do know better. If they leave something laying in the floor I asked or that they know shouldn't have been left I take them to it and point. Sometimes I may verbally remind them. But they know and attempt to clean up after themselves and are still learning.

Hubs used to be better about it til we moved into the in-laws and then well, ya know. He started slipping. So rather than yell at him about or gripe about it, I've learned a new tactic. One I should've learned long ago but well, didn't. Now, I just mention it to him or he sees me cleaning up something (like clothes left in the floor or wherever) and he says something like sorry didn't mean to do it. I can't make too much hulabaloo about it, after all it's his folks we live with.

I cannot however take this same tack with the BIL. Nope. And I know that Mom taught them both better. Trouble is, just as a Mom of youngins, she sometimes just does it cause it's easier. Easier than telling your 30 year old son to take care of his crap. Heaven help the woman who finally gets him. I shudder to think what his place would look like w/o magic elves going about tidying up what he leaves behind.

But then, there's also the case of BIL bitching if the dishwasher wasn't emptied or him putting dirty dishes into just cleaned dishes cause he didn't stop to asses whether the dishes were in fact dirty. Ya know, cause it's impossible to tell if someone like a kid has gotten a cup and left the latch undone. Or not notice you had to unlock the dishwasher to put your dirty dishes in. Or just think that no one got to putting away the dishes fast enough and now you are inconvenienced to have to do so.

So here's my list of things that drive me crazy that may or maybe not should.

1) Taking dirty non washed clothes out of the washer and throwing them on the floor and putting in your clothes to wash.  ~ Is it really so difficult to grab a basket from the hall closet to put them in OR put them in the basket that is already in the hall?

2) Picking up the bath mat after you shower AND cleaning up your water mess? ~ Hello! I am expected to clean up or make sure the kids have done so after shower, shouldn't you? Got news for you, magic elves do not pick up that mat and clean your water dripping cause you were not clever enough to get a towel before getting in the shower.

3) IF you happen to toss clothes at the basket in the hall way and MISS, how about picking them up? ~ Magic elves do not do this either! You know you missed the basket, don't let the rest of know you're a lousy shot. PICK IT UP!

3a) IF you do start some of your own laundry please remember to move it from washer to dryer. ~ Again, no magic elves. Some of us are nice enough to do it for you but it'd be nice if you tried to remember.

4) Don't complain about our noise when your tv or computer game can be heard from anywhere in the house. ~ Seriously!

5) If you choose to stay out late and sleep in DON'T expect me to keep my kids quiet all damn day long til you deign to rise. ~  Some day, Lord willing, you will have kids and you will know how futile this is. I may not say I told you so but I may laugh if/when this occurs.

5a) If you do stay out late, how about keeping the noise down. ~ You wake my kids, you are either watching them til they drop again or you are putting them back to bed.

6) Don't yell and curse at my dog! ~ Seriously, just like my kids if you have a problem you come see me. If my dog is silly enough to think you care that she is happy you are home, just keep walking and she'll let you be, probably. Really, just tell her down or go lay down. It could work. Also, no yelling at Mom's dog either.

7) Don't get all pissy if my dog or Mom's dog makes a mess in your room if you leave your door open. ~ I can't be home all day long every day and sometimes, just like kids, dogs have accidents. (sometimes accept that you have ticked them off and they are letting you know.)

8) Don't assume you know how to parent/handle my kids IF you AREN'T a parent or work with kids daily! ~ This goes double if you think you understand better how to handle my son than me. He's got legitimate medical issues (aka behavior and mood problems), what's your excuse?

9) Don't complain about what we make for dinner! ~ If you are not willing to provide a meal, whether you make it or order it, for 8 people DON'T gripe when it's not what you wanted or like. We don't have to feed you but we include you. Plus, there's the remote possibility we think leftovers would be okay.

10) IF you must leave your iced drink on the counter/table put it on napkin. ~ Ya know, cause there's no coasters for the counter or table.

10a) IF you have food or drink in the living room please clean it up when you are done. ~ You don't like it if someone else leaves trash/dishes in the living room, don't be a bad example.

11) Yeah, that microwave timer gets to me. ~ Just clear it. Not hard.

12) Keep your scissors away from my girls hair and don't take them to get their hair cut. (Okaying it with Hubs is not acceptable. He has no clue.) ~ Seriously! Between you trimming their bangs and the one or two people you/I paid to cut their hair, their bangs are all messed up. Yes, their hair looks horrid if not fixed. It's in the annoying process of growing out. I know you are just trying to help but in this case you're not. There is a reason why some of what looks like bangs is longer than what is bangs. I have one stylist I trust who is fully able to cut/trim the girls hair. Thank you. (clearly this one is a Mom thing and not a BIL or Hubs thing)

So, I'm complaining. Yes. But I really see it as therapeutically venting. It keeps me from going insane. What drives your wannabe or legitimate OCD senses into overdrive? Is this OCD or just pet peeves? Is there much difference between the two? Let me know.

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