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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Um, My 4 Year Old Is Talking About...

So I've been thinking...I know, I know. Everyone says that from time to time. For this particular topic I've been mulling it over mostly because a post by the lovely Tracy from sellabitmum has me wondering at my own girls.

Tracy recently wrote a blog post on how one of her lovely girly girl daughter has recently found the love of a pair of jeans. If you haven't read her post, you really should. While my girls have their share of girly girlness they do love their jeans.

I have no issues with this. I love that they love all types of clothes. Though, Meg does much prefer twirly dresses or skits, just not for school right now. But I am finding it hard to handle Meggie's newest obsession. What is it? Breasts. I know you just gasped. Imagine my reactions when she mentions she has them. She doesn't of course but she's seems obsessed about the having or getting them.

This summer she got her first bikini. It may have started with that one simple thing. As soon as she had it on she proudly walked out of the room and announced to everyone "I have boobies!" I could only watch in shock and somewhat in awe as she walked into Uncle's room and patted her chest and said "Look I have BOOBIES!" Laughter abounded by one and all. After it settled, I took Meggie aside and had little motherly discussion with my 4 year old how that kind of talk was not acceptable especially to boys.

Little did we know how often we'd hear this over and over. Thankfully, she seems more intent on discussing this with me, or sometimes Nana. Like after baths. Every time she says she has bobbies I point out she doesn't yet and tell her not to be in such a hurry to grow up.  To which se responds, "Well I almost have 'em, see?" I usually just smile and sigh. I can't really argue with that.

I didn't go through this at all with Bridge at Meg's age or even much at all for that matter. Nor do I recall ever talking bout breasts to or with them or in front of them. If we're being honest, I have a love hate relationship with my breasts. I may have mentioned in their hearing a time or two of my love of my cute butt jeans. Yet, they're not obsessed with their butts. Lord help me when they do start to wonder about how good their bodies look or don't look.

Growing up without a Mom I have no idea how to handle these things. For as much as I didn't get along with the step mom I had while growing from 10 to 18, I do appreciate she was around for the whole period thing. After having to go through training bra fiasco with Daddy I can only grimace at how he'd have handled the monthly visits from Flo. Anyways, I pretty much just take it one day at a time, one thing at a time.

For Bridge the talk of breasts just has her recalling how they were fed. She remembers me nursing Meggie and telling her she used to eat the same way. So she doesn't yet care about these mystical things called breasts. So, why does Meggie? I shudder to think that it may mean my baby girl is going to be a horrendous flirt.

So, like Tracy wondering if jeans means tube tops are next, I have a question of my own. What does Meggie's obsession mean? Where does an obsession of breasts at 4 years old go? Topless? Lord, I hope not.

I do know some day these discussions will be less cute and more in depth. I am not at all sure I meant to word it that way, hopefully you know what I mean.

Kids grow so fast. I know I am barely ready for the day the girls are serious about boys. Heck, Sean's closer to being interested in girls than my girls are to be interested in boys. Yet, I'm not all worried bout that, maybe I should be. I'm also sure I have no idea how to deal with that either.

See, where this talk of breasts by a 4 year old leads? It just has my mind racing with all the things to come I am not ready for. It's not at all like them crawling and me grimacing that walking is not far off. No, this is bigger than that.