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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Magic of Word of Mouth

I am telling you bout something you may already be aware of. Word of Mouth.

Have you ever stopped to think bout how often people tell you bout things? Not just things, but products they've discovered.

Countless times I am sure.

They come from all directions. In this day and time that can be actual word of mouth from a pal on the phone or right next to you, research on your own, OR social media.

As crazy as it sounds this just hit me today as I was in the shower. Amazing how often enlightenment happens in the shower. And in this case, it is so fitting that the shower is where this thought came to me.

There on the shower caddy was my girls new shampoo and conditioner. The other stuff shoved in a cabinet for emergency back up purposes only.

It started on Facebook over a week ago. I noticed a posting by my niece about how much she was loving her daughter's new shampoo. This post got me to asking her where I could buy it. This was after one of her fiends talked bout how awesome it was for her kid too! That's 2 word of mouth raves bout this stuff!

I was told Wal Mart. Sadly, our Wal Mart didn't have it. Nor did any other store here. A few days later, I found it at our HEB. (That's a grocery store for those of y'all not familiar with it.) I won't lie, the price ($3.50 a bottle) nearly put me off on it. BUT I told myself what if this stuff is that awesome? What if I didn't need gobs of leave in conditioner/de-tangler just to comb the girls hair after baths and in the morning? So, I put in the cart. Then, I took a picture of it saying I had finally found it.

Didn't take long before my niece was reassuring me I'd love it and she was glad I found it.

That night I was in love with the stuff. Yes, already I was loving it. Almost week later, even more so. It was only a day or so before I told my sister about it. Knowing her girls, like my niece's daughter, had very curly hair. The HEB is a special trip for her as it's no where close to where she lives. It's literally on the other side of town. But she told me via Facebook that she may love the stuff, too! Which means she went to find it on my recommendation. Word of Mouth is so freaking AWESOME!

So ya see how it worked? How it's always worked? Only more so in this day and age. If not let me recap:

Niece talks bout awesome kids shampoo on Facebook.
I start hunting it down on her recommendation.
I tell my sis and my BFF.
Sis buys the stuff, too. BFF, her daughter has to use special shampoo for scalp condition.

Word of mouth.

Even my MIL is like, I want some. I've even thought about using it on my hair, too. I settle for just telling anyone I know who has kids about this stuff.

I used to use a 2 in 1 shampoo that smelled great. Still, always needed leave in conditioner/de-tangler for em. Also used my shampoo and conditioner on em a few times too. But kids, always prefer their own stuff. Preferably in easy to handle bottles.

What is this amazing stuff?

Monkey Brains.

No, you didn't misread that. It's called Monkey Brains. It comes it a yellow banana shaped bottles. If you currently struggle with combing/brushing your kids hair maybe this stuff is for you.

If you'd like to learn more you can visit the Moneky Brains Web Site. On their web site you can learn more bout their products and where a store near you is selling their stuff.
They're on Twitter @monkeybrains4u and Facebook Monkey Brains Hair, too. 

Just So We're Clear:

This Post is Not Sponsored by anyone, company, etc.... (I don't even know how that works.)
This is just me talking about word of mouth and how often it influences what we buy and recommend ourselves.