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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Need To Get Over Myself

So last week I went to the dentist. I had one wisdom tooth extracted. I am still in pain from it. Why? No idea but it is starting to wear thin. I feel the need to spill my guts here. I hope to do so in a manner that makes sense but it may not.

My hubs and I are blessed enough to have some really good friends. One of these friends graciously offered to help get my teeth taken care of. Due the cost of dental care we haven't been able to go. I have (or had) 2 wisdom teeth and a split tooth that bug me. The split tooth is rather new and bothered me for like a month or so. The wisdom teeth would bother me for like a week here or there and then go away to bother me another day.

So, when the offer came to have it taken care of I was over joyed and very. very thankful. Then came stupidity. I never like to feel that I am taking advantage of peoples generosity. That and the lack of sleep we've been experiencing lately led me to only having the tooth that was bothering me the most taken care of. I also, misunderstood, I thought once tooth was all I was there for. Seems silly to look back and know I thought that. At the time it was only the lower right wisdom tooth. The split tooth was really more of a nuisance. Now, the upper right wisdom tooth is bothering me a bit. It's hard to say cause where the one was extracted is still moderately painful.

Yesterday hubs was talking to our friends and they were like, "Why did she only have the one removed?" and "Why hasn't she called our office to say anything?" I was all like, cause I really don't want to complain or take advantage of their generosity. Y'all are probably given the screen the same incredulous stare hubs gave me and our friends gave the phone when hubs was talking to them. I just really had no idea what all hubs and they had discussed prior to my visit. I also still overwhelmed that someone was being so nice to us.

So, I guess the other reason I said nothing was I really have no idea how long an extracted wisdom tooth hurts. I was guessing at least a week since that's how much pain medicine was filled, a weeks worth.

I just feel incredibly stupid now. Of course, multiple visits cost more than one visit and could be seen as taking advantage. Also, I am still trying to figure out why I thought I was only going to be able to have one tooth taken care of. A little misunderstanding along the way, I think. I didn't feel right asking to have 2 wisdom teeth removed and what can we do bout the split tooth, doc? Also, when it comes to my needs, I'm not that assertive. I suffer no such issues when getting my kids taken care of. Strange, no? Maybe not.

Putting this in words on a screen isn't easy. Doing so makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with me. *sigh* I don't know. Other than I am in some crazy pain. To add the craziness, I think it's nearing that time of month again, lovely. (Sorry for the TMI but you ladies will totally get it)

I guess I don't do well with others being so generous. Literally, the dental visit wasn't costing us a thing. Only payment expected, hubs to grill for our friends. I am humbled and incredibly blessed to know such people. As I am sure hubs is, too.

The lack of sleep I believe led to some of this confusion, I hope it's stabilizing. Sean has finally seen our family dr and meds are being adjusted. The girls, I hope are hitting an even kiel. This last week has been nothing but kids drama left and right. Though, I suspect that's another post. The Sean thing, I'm still trying to find words for. The girls, well not so much. They're just having sinus/allergy issues complicated by a run of bad dreams.

I think, I'll get with hubs and our friends and see about one last dental visit and not be afraid of asking to have all wisdom teeth taken care of, I know the left sides are nearly as bad as the right ones, and ask about the split tooth. Like I said, the spilt one really isn't in pain it's just a nuisance. I realize, I should've said something to the dentist sooner. I just have to get over myself, I guess. That's hard for me to say, but it's true.

Apologies if this post is a bit discombobulated. I'm finding it difficult to talk about this dental thing. Not cause of the dental part so much as trying to talk about our friends without giving too much info, ya know? I hope this post made some sort of sense. I hope I can have the rest of my dental needs taken care of and not feel like I'm taking advantage of people.

Someday, I hope to be able to give just as much to help someone else out. There still is some good left in the world. It's nice to know that in this day and age. Nice to know that those kinds of people are out there, and have kids who have been taught this. With that, I close this post.