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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anticlimactic? Maybe.

Well now for the conclusion you've all been wondering about. Or maybe you haven't. Or maybe you have no clue what I am talking about. Here's a refresher for those who need it.

On Monday morning me and Hubs went to the school to talk with the principal about the incident that occurred on Fri. As it turns out, we ended up talking to the Asst Principal (Ms AP). She knew about what occurred on Fri.We sat and told her that we understood why Bridge calling any teacher by Ms Brown or Brownie could be hurtful. We reiterated that Bridge didn't mean it in an ugly way. That she was just wanted to give her a nick name. That if it had been an ongoing issue why were we not informed sooner? At this point Ms AP told us it had not been a long time ongoing problem just a couple days. That Bridge had been asked/reminded by the teacher several times that Ms Brown/Brownie was not her name and to please call her by her name. Ok, fair enough. Still, not a racist comment in my mind. But we moved on.

Hubs told Ms AP about the phone conversation and showed her his notes he made. She agreed that Ms Counselor was over the line. At least on the comment where she said my 7 yr old could be shot if she called the wrong person Ms Brown/Brownie. Hubs was kind of miffed that Ms AP didn't fully understand how he felt like he was being interrogated by Ms Counselor over the phone. Or maybe Ms AP did understand. But she kept saying how nice a lady Ms AP was. I told her I am sure she is but the whole phone conversation was unprofessional. Ms AP agreed.

I went on to voice my concern that my daughter was very upset over the incident and truly thought that the teachers were calling her mean. It's my belief that no matter how they tried to put it to her she couldn't understand what they were saying. Has no grasp on anything race related. Still probably doesn't. Why would she. She has no problems getting along with any one.

Ms AP said she would talk with Ms Counselor about how everything was handled, especially that phone call. She also said she would talk to Bridgette and reassure her that no one thinks she's mean.

That's pretty much it. I have to believe that the follow through will happen. I don't feel the need to talk to Bridge about it again. I played nice with all involved and we even apologized to the teacher for it. Actually, Hubs did. He saw her when he dropped the kids off Monday morning and wanted her to know we were sorry she was hurt. I dare say I may not play nice a second time.

Feeling like I could take on anything Hubs and I went to take care of some other business on Monday as well. Stuff that may or may not be keeping me from getting my job at the daycare center I applied with way back in January. I'll tell y'all like I told Hubs, I am tired of being taken advantage of and just sitting by while people don't give a fig for what we are going through or who I am. To them I am just a number and a problem for another day. But that is a story for later. I don't know if I am completely ready to go public with all that nonsense. And it is nonsense.

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