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Friday, April 13, 2012

All Weekend to Stew About It

So today we have some definite drama going on around here today. And we have all weekend to stew about it. All over what was likely an innocent child thing.

If you follow me on twitter you know what I am about to talk about.

Today Bridgette was pulled from her class and put in what is called Success. Success is mediation step before having to go to the principal. I have never had issues with this til today.

Today Hubs answered a call from the school counselor who was concerned about Bridgette continuing to call a black teacher Ms Brownie. The counselor said it had been an on going issue with Bridgette. Funny thing is, this was the first either of us had heard about it. The phone conversation continued and Hubs was informed that Bridgette was in Success for the rest of the day. Ms Counselor asked if Hubs agreed it was wrong for Bridgette to call the teacher Ms Brownie. Hubs did not answer this. Just told her we'd talk with Bridgette this evening. But that was not satisfactory enough for Ms Counselor. No, Ms Counselor felt the need to say that if Bridge was to say such a thing to the wrong person she could be shot.

WTF and HOLD THE PHONE?! Since I wasn't sure if I heard that part from Hubs aright I let it be. I mean we were in the middle of setting up at a coin show and it was definitely not the time to be discussing this.

When I got home I sent the counselor and email stating my concerns that if this was an ongoing issue, why had we not been informed sooner? That I would talk with Bridge about it and see what she had to say for herself. Also, that I was sure that it was not coming from a mean ugly place. To Bridge a brownie is a yummy treat or the GS Level she will be this next GS year. So, to her, it's a good thing not a bad thing.

Well, when Hubs got home we talked about it some more and the whole of it was aired out. And then I was like, WTH?! If I'd been clearer on it all I would just have gone straight to the school rather than send and email. Now we have to wait til Monday to address it.

On Monday, I expect to have definite answers. Who made an issue out of this? The teacher being called Ms Brownie or some other teacher or parent over hearing it and taking offense on the teacher's behalf? Why had no one bothered to notify us sooner. Lord knows every time Sean has an issue they can't get on the phone or send and email fast enough. And just what is Ms Counselor trying to say when she says Bridge could be shot if she said that to the wrong person? For crying out loud, we are talking about a 7 year old. A 7 year old who's grandmother is Hispanic.

It's enough to keep me steaming mad every time I think on it. Especially cause they made her cry and feel like she was the lowest person on Earth.

I talked to Bridge about it. Bridge told me that she didn't mean to call her Ms Brownie. That she forgot her name and just called her Ms Brown or Ms Brownie. Rather than just asking to be reminded of what her name is. She told Ms Counselor she didn't mean to be ugly and she wasn't being mean. But Ms Counselor told Bridge she was being mean and it was a mean thing to say. Bridge told me that she cried several times at school over it. She was crying when we sat and talked about it.

Right or not I did not punish Bridge. I just told her that the next time she couldn't remember anyone's name that she should ask nicely what their name is. And if it was supposed to be some cute/sweet nick name then she needed to make sure the person was okay with the name.

I'll let y'all know how the meeting on Monday turns out. In the mean time, what are your thoughts? Did the teachers over react? Are they really worried Bridge was making a racial slur or that we are really racists? What about that she could be shot comment? Are we over reacting to this?


  1. It seems like the teachers should have asked her themselves what she meant by it and avoided a whole bunch of fuss!

    1. Right?! It is a bunch of fuss and it could have been avoided/better handled for sure.

  2. As a small child, I was "organizing" my friends and wanted to categorize them into the white ones and the brown ones. Fortunately, my babysitter at the time knew that I was just being literal, not even remotely racist, and took the opportunity to explain race to me.

    Certainly, no one told me I would "be shot" if I said things to the wrong person.

    It seems like the staff did a poor job of handling this situation, and sure, you could throw a fit, or you could use it as a teachable moment for all involved - that sometimes kids just call things as they see them, without any underlying meaning, and that adults should give them the benefit of the doubt and explain things.

    1. Just so. I am less mad about it now, probably ok we had the weekend to chill even though we would've liked to have handled it sooner. We are still going to talk to the principal about how it was handled. I would have talked with Bridge sooner if I had known it was an issue. It's like I told the counselor in the email I sent, if I don't know there's a problem I can't help with it. It's less about throwing a fit or raising a stink as handling it properly and without unnecessary comments. Very unprofessional.


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