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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Early Musings on my Zumba

I had another idea but it went bye bye as soon as I decided to type. I have no actual idea why I thought y'all should know. I guess I'm just the sharing type.

So, a couple of weeks ago I started Zumba. It's only 2 nights a week  (Tues/Thurs) for an hour. My thought process was something like this:

  • Well I'd like to move a bit more. 
  • I like the idea of getting out of my house for an hr in the evening twice a week.
  • It's almost as good as a Girls Night Out.
  • Okay, maybe not as good as a GNO but it's certainly up there. HELLO! I'm getting out of the house! Always a plus!
  • Is it Zum like Sum or Zum like Zoom? 
  • Why is it called Zumba?
  • WHO CARES! I'll be getting out of the house! I will be doing a good thing for my body!

So I went not really knowing what to expect but that I had nothing to lose as the first class was complimentary. What I discovered is that I had a good time even though I was lost and all over the place. Or, maybe I wasn't and I'm being overly critical of myself. It helped that the class is new and small. That I was put at ease by being told if I get lost just keep moving and fake it til ya get back in sync, or something like that. I thought that first class was never gonna end. When the last song played and it was some mix up of (I've Had the) Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing I thought what kind of sick joke is that? Really I was only half trying as I was desperately trying to keep up. After class my old High School friend that talked bout the class on FB was like the 2nd class is easier. Really?! How can that possibly be so.

Second class comes round. I'm still not looking anything like the instructor who makes it all look effortless BUT I am following along a bit better. I'm astounded by the confidence I feel. Like hey, they were right it does get easier. And after the class I noticed I was a little more sore and was sweating more. Yeah! I might actually be doing some good. And even though my legs feel like jelly I totally feel like I could take on the world. On the way home I'm thinking, OMG! This class could totally end up being HS Reunion like. I found out about this class from an old HS friend who talked bout it on FB. This night another girl we went to school with was there. (she will only be at Thurs class but still)

Third class comes around. I am back to being lost. Thinking to myself WTF happened? I had this last class. Instructor is talking bout how well we are doing and one of the, is it dances or routines?, she thinks we can add in the 2nd half. SAY WHAT?! And then we'll take this or that out and add this. I am totally smiling and nodding like I live for these things. Inside I'm freaking out cause I know I don't have it. I don't know the steps we are doing now. This class for some reason my arms and legs refused to work together. Meaning, I could do the arm movements or the leg/steps but not both at the same time. Then I was totally concerned with the way my body wasn't moving. I know I am over thinking this and I wish I knew how to deactivate it.

Then it occurred to me that next week the studio is closed for Thanksgiving. Class 5 is gonna be a hoot! I mean I have a whole week for lose everything I think I've learned and for my body to forget what it feels like during and after a class. I am just now adjusting to it and coming out of the it's totally kicking my rear feeling.

That makes me realize that I wish I knew how to shake it like the instructor does without looking like a spaz. (No I have no idea when the last time I used that word is, maybe in Jr High.) I have no butt to speak of so I am pretty sure that is why it doesn't shake independently of the rest of me. Also, my breasts, pretty sure they are meant to stay confined. Otherwise someone could get hurt. Aside from being able to shake it which I am not certain is necessary for the class I wish I could get the steps down. I have no dancing ability in me at all.

I was talking to MIL who is of Latin descent (look at me being all PC) and telling her she'd love this class and would probably excel at it as she has the rhythm I lack. Out dancing, I am that girl with a drink in her hand/has downed at least 2 drinks totally faking it. I really lived for the slow dances, wink wink. OR so it was once upon a long time ago before I had kids. MIL then proceeds to tell me that her butt isn't shaking it's the way she's moving that makes it seem so. Then there was something about the knees. This was after telling her I get confused when the instructor says things like salsa. I know she's doing it and saying it and we are supposed to follow. My brain tells me this. The problem is my brain is also busy trying to process what is salsa step? Instead of just following along.

After class, like I said my legs are like jelly. The next day I am sore almost all over. Does this mean I am doing something right or am I doing it all wrong and hurting unnecessarily?

I am no expert on Zumba, I know. I also know that 3 classes will not make me so. Tomorrow is my 4th class. I am sure I will once again be like Oh I got this, even though we are learning new things we will forget over Thanksgiving. I'm also pretty sure that soon I will not even know what class number I am on. By then, I hope to be able to say I can follow along with the best of em. Also, I will sooner rather than later move from over thinking it to just go with it. Once I can get my brain to disengage from that I am pretty sure I find that I will find the class is more fun and I will be doing better. It's not rocket science for crying out loud.

Hopefully the next time I decide to blog on this it will be better. Better how? I'm not sure.