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Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've been a little MIA. Sorry bout that but I've had bit of writer's block. I attempted several blog topics only to have them sound forced.

Anyways, I have something to say today. YAY!

Yesterday afternoon Hubs and Sean left for Pasadena. That's Pasadena Tx y'all. Hubs is doing a one day coin show and at the last minute decided to take Sean. It is kind of problematic to take Sean. I mean, he does get bored easily and likes to ask a bazillion questions/tell you something at the wrong times. Hubs was a bit concerned how it'd be having Sean with him at the table but braved it anyway.

As I type this I have no idea how it's going just yet. I hope well.  I know that the drive down went well and they had a really good dinner last night. Hubs and I didn't chat to much last night as it was late and well he has to work today. After I told him how things had been here, really pretty good all things considered. Then I told him bout my accident with the falling can food on my toe. He told me to be more careful as he's not here to rush me to the ER. But that's not the point I wanted to make. Pardon my Oooo Shiny Moment.

What I am hoping that this Road Trip with just the two of them does is give them some major Father Son Bonding time. It's a 5 hour(ish) drive there and back. Road trips are really great for bonding. Also, if Sean behaves at the table he just may learn something. Plus, he'll have a better idea of what it is Hubs does. With that kind of information he may think less that Hubs is forever leaving us and more like hey that's how he's earning money for us right now.

It's not an official job like any of are used to Hubs having. At times it really does suck. (Like all the weekends away.) I know there are plenty of families doing without one half of there team. We're just not used to it. The last time Hubs had a job that kept him away for long periods of time Sean was a toddler and Bridge was a baby. But that's not my point either.

I know that as a family we all struggle in understanding/dealing with Sean. For me, it's a nice break. The kind of break I used to get when we lived in our own house and Nana would let him stay the night. Sometimes it turned into a whole weekend. Sometimes she'd take the girls and then it was just us and Sean. Sean by himself is not so bad. For some reason when he hits a mood Sean and the girls are just an explosion of no fun. Definite downside of living with Nana/Pop, no breaks. It's not like people are begging me to let them stay the night. Or that I am asking if they can. Honestly, there's not many choices for such a thing available.

So this time away allows the girls a break, too. More Sister Bonding and more Mother Daughter Bonding, though we really aren't doing much. I really hope it is the same for Hubs and Sean. I know it means a lot to Sean that he got to go. There's not much Hubs and Sean have in common. Sean has a way of instantly frustrating Hubs. Me? I have a slower longer burning frustration fuse, most days. So when Hubs makes the effort to have just Guy Time it's great! Usually it's just a day out and about town, That this Guy Time is a Road Trip makes it all the better. Who knows what it could lead to. For Sean, memories that will last a lifetime. For Hubs, the knowledge he didn't let this short time of our kids lives pass him by. The girls are not quite old enough for such a trip. Maybe when they are, Hubs will consider taking one of them. Or maybe someday we can make it a family affair. Even Hubs works a show and I take the kids exploring around whatever town/city we are in.