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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok, this post has been a long time in coming. Much like me waiting something like 15 yrs to see New Kids on the Block in concert. Like everything in my life, it all eventually works out in the end.

So most may remember how excited I was when I got my tickets for this concert. If not, please revisit this post. Ever since I saw NKOTBSB on Dancing with the Stars I knew I had to go. I knew hubby would probably not like it but he'd get me the tickets. If it couldn't be done I was prepared to be heart broken and understanding. Lucky for me that he was able to pull it off.

So the day of the concert dawned. The night before that witch Fate slapped me with massive migraine that still wasn't gone by morning. I threw everything I had at that headache with little results. I told Rach not to worry nothing was keeping me from this concert and definitely not the mother of all migraines.

By mid morning at my place crap was hitting the fan. Thankfully, for once, it didn't involve me. I won't go into it but it was bad y'all. So I hurried myself up to get out by noon. Rach and I had already planned on making the most out of this concert day by spending as much BFF time as we could beg, borrow, or steal.

Once I got to her place the comedy of errors and the blind leading the blind commenced. We both thought the TRE (it's a train from Ft Worth to Dallas) would be running. By the time we walked from the station we were dropped off at to the other one in downtown Ft Worth I'd already discovered I had left the envelope with the tickets in it on her couch. Pretty sure this occurred when she handed me something to put in my purse. At least we weren't on our way to Dallas or in Dallas when this was discovered. So, she called her hubby and he brought the tickets. Maybe 10 minutes later we discovered the TRE didn't run on Sundays except for special events and apparently concerts weren't one of them. So, Rach called her hubby once again. God love him, he drove us to Dallas and dropped us off. It was like 3pm or so when we got there.

Now begins the real blind leading the blind. Neither of us are really familiar with the area around the American Airlines Center (AAC). We whipped out our so called smart phones to find a restraunt. I think we circled the block several times looking for an El Fenix we never found. Then it appeared like an angel from heaven, or not, Hooters! We made the mutual decision that we were tired of walking and dripping buckets of sweat just to find sustenance. Hooters it was. Neither of us was disappointed. We ordered waters, a Shiner for me, and a Coke for her. Rach even braved a taste of my beer. I so should've snapped a pic of the face she made. Rach ordrered mild wings and I ordered a bleu cheese burger. Both were delish. Though I took her word on the wings, I'm not a wings gal. Then we decided on dessert. I had the key lime pie and she had cheese cake. We sampled each others desserts. I practically devoured mine. We had such a blast just sitting there eating and chatting. I don't think it'd have mattered if the food wasn't to our liking. We were out of the heat. We were hanging out. It was like the old days before we were married and had kids.

At about 5:30 pm we paid our bill and tipped the waitress. Both of us were shocked just how close we were to the AAC. Damn smart phone gps map walking navagation! Anyways, once there we commenced waiting in line to be let in. We had read that it would open 1hr before the event. That was 6:30pm. So there we stood chatting and melting but happy to be there. Then a miracle happened, the doors to the AAC opened about 20 minutes earlier than expected! Cool air rushed out to greet us. As I handed the tickets to the checker I held my breath and was prepared to hand her my letter from Stub Hub should there be a problem. The words, "Thank you have a fun time!" came out of her mouth. YES! Next mission, find a bathroom! Neither Rach nor I used the bathroom at Hooters. Rach started to but immediately deemed it unuseable. After washing my hands and face I began applying my lip stain, eye shadow and pinching my cheeks. I think I saw Rach giggle a bit at my girlyness. I even offered to share my make up. (Yeah, I know all about not sharing make up) She turned me down. I laughed and told her it felt like high school all over again.

There was a stop at the souvenir stand to buy shirts. Practically had to twist Rach's arm to get her to pick her one. She was all like, I only want a shirt and they are pricey. Told her, "I told you to pick what you wanted. So?" Yeah, she and I can be kinda pushy to each other when we know the other can't get something but we can get it for them. After that it was off to find our seats.

More comedy of errors, we sat in the wrong section. To be fair, they weren't well marked and we were pointed there. Once we were alerted to the error we apologized and went to find our seats, again. Turns out, our seats were better than where we started out. I am telling you I had no idea the seats were that good. The seating chart online did not do it justice at all.

We hadn't been in our seats long before two more girls sat down. They were 20 somethings and asked us if we were there for New Kids or Backstreet Boys. I giggled thinking that should be obvious but answered New Kids just to be polite. They were even kind enough to snap a pic of us in our seats. Hell, we were snapping pics left and right.

Concert time! Well almost, first came the first opening act. Some forgettable girl named Ashlyne Huff. Snooze fest. Intermission for stage reset then came the second opening act, Jordain Sparks. OMG! She was amazing! Even I had underestimated her. That girl can sing and put on a show! Another intermission to reset the stage. 

FINALLY! After what seemed like forever! It was NKOTBSB time! I'll probably gloss over all these details cause OMG were they flippin AWESOME! Plus, it was like a dream. I mean I was there and some things are crystal clear but others are remembered through a haze of excitement.

I mean I loved, ok still do, NKOTB! I liked Backstreet Boys. I was way more excited over NKOTB than BSB but was I ever pleasantly amazed! I cannot tell you what order songs were sung in. All I can tell you is that once they took the stage it was nearly pandemonium! Screams so loud I am sure someone must've passed out. As a super group they were superb! Separately just as entertaining! Both groups never had a dull moment. The concert had smooth transitions throughout. From NKOTBSB to start with to NKOTB to BSB then back to NKOTBSB. I knew most all the songs with exception to couple of the BSB songs. During one BSB song they brought 4 girls on stage and OMG how I wished it coulda been me but still....SO SO AWESOME! Then of course was the encore! Both groups performing separately and then together. OR was it the other way around? Either way, AWESOME! At one point they performed there mash up as duel, so to speak (I don't know what you officially call that). Probably not a question for the Backstreet Boys, but both groups definitely still got it! At the end they were all wearing Mavs jerseys and I so wish my phone hadn't died so I coulda got a pic of that! Also, Donnie, threw two shirts into the crowd. One was that Mavs jersey. Damn! I wished it was me who got it but it was tossed at the end of the cat walk stage. *sigh*

Our seats, not that we actually sat in them during the concert, were so great we could see the sweat dripping off them! We were so close to the stage and speakers, plus I've heard that AAC is one of the loudest places, that hearing after the concert was damn near impossible. Our voices? What voices? Not ashamed to say we sang, danced, and screamed like we were teens! I'm pretty sure I yelled DONNIE! When he was right in front of us. Even decided that AJ guy from BSB was almost as sexy as Donnie. Rach decided she needed a bad boy to go along with her Joey! Does it seem strange for two thirty somethings to be talking like this? Well, maybe not and if so, pretty sure neither of us cares. 

This was the BEST concert I've ever, EVER been to! For Rach, it was her first and I'm probably being a bit cocky when I say she may never top this experience, ever! The next day was full on recovery mode. We got back to her house bout 1am ish. I got home just before 2 am. She couldn't hear or talk. I had a raspy thing going on and hearing out of right ear was non existent. My back took several days to get back to normal. Something bout all that screaming, singing, and jumping around...who knew thirty somethings probably should take it easy on that stuff...NOT! 

That's pretty much it, or as best as I can recall and relate.

Please enjoy the pics below =) Took as many as I could before stupid ph died. I so shoulda taken my camera.

Me at Hooters

Rach at Hooters

Us Posing in front of stage (wrong section but didn't know it at the time)

Rach in front of stage 

Me in front of stage

Our view of the Catwalk (by now we were in our correct section/seats)

Us in our seats

Our view of the Main Stage

Jordain Sparks

1 of 2 screens above stage on each side


NKOTBSB Rockin the Main Stage

NKOTBSB Rockin the Catwalk

DONNIE!!! (NKOTB) So Uber Sexy!!

BSB Rockin the Catwalk

AJ McLean and Howie Dorough (Thanks to albalass for letting me know about Howie)
AJ the BSB "Bad Boy" 

Nick Carter (Thanks again to albalass for clueing me in)


Took Theses The Next Day
Front of My Shirt
Back of My Shirt


  1. Love it! That was the best day EVER!!!

  2. sounds and looks like you had a fantastic time at that concert! loved reading about it.

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  4.'re first no clue Backstreet Boy was Howie, the second was NICK CARTER!!! Nick is the tallest NKOTBSB and blonde.

  5. @Everline ~Totally was!!!

    @Alisha ~ So did!

    @Mom of 12 ~ We so did!

    @Albalass ~ I knew someone would know! ;)

    Thank Y'all!

  6. I was not a NKOTB fan, but I know many grown women who were very excited about this concert. Personally, I just love to see people having a great time. I loved your pics, and your phone takes better pics than my camera!

  7. @Sandra ~ So true! I think us 30 somethings were way more excited than our teen counterparts from another life. Strange a ph can take better pics than a camera. Thanks!


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