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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hopelessly Klutzy

Once again linking up with Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop.

3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.

Well, I don't have much in scientific proof to support the theory that I have a Hopeless Klutz gene. I don't think it's a flaw, just a unique view of the world. Talent, well it could be that. The kind of talent that requires no effort at all.

I don't know anyone else in my family that came before me that shares in my klutzyness. I do think that I have passed it to the youngest of my three kids. 

Let's just look at a list of things I have done or happened to me.

~ Way back in 1st grade played dodge ball. Got hit in the nose with a ball cause to slow in ducking. (really I was just that bad at the game). FFW to Senior Game Day in HS. Dodge Ball does me in again.  Once again, hit in nose, by QB of our football team, at least I'm pretty sure it was.

~ Once  I got my hair stuck in a hand crank car window. 

~ Hit myself in my own head w/my own car door.

~ Walked into a wall at school. (No I wasn't drunk)

~ Almost daily I run into something in the house. This morning, it was the fan in my room. 

That's just the list of stuff that came immediately to mind.

My Meggie is 4. I see her do these kinds of things all the time. I cannot tell you how many walls she's walked into. She has got the Klutz gene. Yet to be determined if it's the hopeless variety. I'm sure Meggie has had other klutz moments but right now as I type this I just have hit a blank. 

I was hoping to finish this with a little wit and humor but alas I find I cannot.

I'm sure when Rach reads this she'll be nodding her head in agreement with the above statements. Pretty sure she probably has even better examples.


  1. We are also a family of is sad that I am the "graceful" one in the family

    Visiting from Mamakat's

  2. Hi, fellow klutz! I run into things almost everyday, too, and I've got bruises on my knees as proof. ;)

  3. Yes! You can count me in on the klutz parade, too!

  4. I like your line, "Yet to be determined if it's the hopeless variety." lol!

  5. LOL! Too funny! The fact that you ended with sheer honesty totally added the final punch of humor to the post! Great job!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. We seem to share the same gene!

    Though sometimes I wonder if the klutziness would improve... if I'd get myself some glasses.

  7. We call my daughter the ultimate klutz. I find it an endearing quality.

  8. Ha--I almost wrote about this also. I am a second generation klutz as well. There is never a time when I do not have at least one bruise on me from walking into something. If I had a daughter, her middle name was going to be Grace, hoping to spare her some of the misery.


  9. I got the klutz gene from my mother, and passed it on, in varying degrees, to all three of my children--and I can already see it in my 18 month old grandson!

  10. I once tripped over my own trousers. I regularly hit my hand on door frames. Stubbing toes is almost a daily occurrence. Yes, I believe we are related.

  11. Oh, I'm still laughing as I read this. I just remembered that when I lived in Japan I was biking to the market and I ran right into a tree! There was nothing that had distracted me or made me do it. To this day I still don't know why I rode my bike right into the tree, it was like I was pulled to it, gravitated to it. I love your post! Thank you for making my day by laughing this morning :) I am stopping by from Mama Kat.

  12. I'm pretty klutzy, and one of my twins trips over air on a regular basis. Poor girl is just so uncoordinated.

  13. @Jenni ~ I knew I wasn't alone in this klutz thing!

    @The Reason ~ *Waves* I have bruises I can't even remember getting. I'm actually not even sure why hubby asks anymore.

    @Dwija ~ Fellow Klutzes Unite!

    @Dawn ~ *giggles*

    @Lindsey V ~ You're welcome! Thanks for returning the favor!

    @Amanda ~ LOL! It could but then again, who knows.

    @Minivan Mama ~ I think so too!

    @vinobaby ~ Ha! Maybe naming her Grace would help ward off klutz gene.

    @Teresa ~ Oh My! Maybe that is just as good as scientific proof that klutzyness is passed down.

    @Alison@Mama Wants This ~ Stubbing toes is the worst!

    @K ~ LOL! Glad to add some humor to your day! (I once ran into a tree on a bike as well as hit my swing set w/4wheeler.)

    @Leigh Ann ~ Aww! I'm pretty sure Meggie has tripped on air too.

    Thanks Y'all!

  14. You're definitely not alone! I fall down ALL the time. There doesn't even need to be much provocation!

  15. See? I always new klutz was s gene!!!

  16. Perhaps you should stay away from balls of any kind -- I know I do. I hate it when I hit my head or toe. It's the only time I let out a swear word, or two.

  17. @iseeyoulookingatme ~ Yep.

    @bridgesburning ~ Totally!

    @Georgia ~ As much as possible, I do.

    Thanks Y'all!

  18. I am seriously klutzy too. But my hubby doesn't have a klutzy bone in his body. Here's hoping our kids turn out OK!

  19. My son is like this. Constantly running into things. I feel bad, but it's funny at the same time. The wall never moves.


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