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Monday, March 4, 2013

Adult Fun Weekend 2013

I have fond memories of camping as a kid. Okay, most of them include a traumatic memory of some sort. Still, I would not call myself the outdoorsy kind at all. And yet, I am a GS Troop Leader and our Troop will probably eventually want to go camping.

With all that in mind several weeks ago I decided that I wanted to go to Adult Fun Weekend that our Council was hosting at a local GS Camp. The bonus part was that this year they were letting the adults bring their kids. The kids would be in their own program and parents would not have to see them all weekend long. The adults could take class sessions or do nothing at all. Whatever they wanted. Awesome since it was the first weekend after Cookie Season ended. Lots of Leaders/Parents needed the get away. Plus, what better way to meet new people, network, and learn?

My Passport

Anyone who knows me knows I was both excited and worried about this weekend. Worried? Why? My oldest daughter, Bridge, has absolutely not problem ditching me. Never has. My youngest, Meg, not so much. She is a complete Mama's Girl. She's the baby and she knows it. She is mostly fine when I leave her but the moment she sees me she's is ready to high tail it muy pronto. Both girls were looking forward to a weekend camp experience but Meg was worried what would happen if they(she) needed me. Then there was the cabin sleeping and the pit latrine that had me worried about how Meg would react. So ya see? It really could have been a potentially ugly situation, even though their program was going to keep them so busy they didn't have time to think.

I don't know much of what the girls did, yet. I do know they went on a hike, tye dyed shirts w/sharpies and rubbing alcohol, and made butterflies. The first night of camp it got down to 27 degrees Celsius, so they earned their Polar Bear Patch. That's something that's earned by any girl who camps and it's under 32 degrees Celsius.  And Bridge learned a  new song she can't seem to remember. That's a first. That girl knows every song she's ever learned at a GS Camp/Event. Every. One.

The Butterflies. Why 3? No idea. Don't even know which is whose. 
I forgot to take a picture of their shirts before washing. I let them air dry from the time we got home til mid morning. I don't know if I should have waited longer or not. Or if drying them in the dryer was a good idea or not.

Meghan's Shirt 
Bridgette's Shirt (not the one I labeled craft shrt)

What did I do?

I slept in the Farm House by a quirky computer accident. Pretty sure that's luxury compared to the cabins. Still, it was cool (ish) in there. My bed, was 2 cabin bunk mattresses on the floor stacked. My son's sleeping bag and a blanket and pillow from home. I had the choice to move to the cabins but didn't cause I had already put my stuff where they told me I was bunking. Didn't seem to make since to move to the cabins that night. Nor did it make sense to do so the next day. Way too much other stuff going on.

Friday night was eat your sack dinner, play games, socialize, etc...

Saturday was Flag Ceremony (raising the US Flag on the Flag Pole), breakfast, Session 1, Session 2, lunch, Session 3, Session 4 (Flag Retirement)/Free Time, Free Time, Flag Ceremony (lowering the Flag and putting it away), dinner, Camp Fire, games/socializing in the Lodge if you wanted or bed.

Sunday was breakfast, clean up cabins, load up, auction to benefit the buying of A.E.D. for the camp, then a Scouts Own Ceremony and go home.


I took Ceremonies for my Session 1. Found out I knew more about Ceremonies than I thought. Did learn about Flag Ceremony. And by some accident (or on purpose) those of us in the Ceremonies Session ended up doing the closing Flag Ceremony. That was intense! We were in the same position as we were in class. That meant I was right behind the Flag Bearer. Meaning I was one of two helping to hold the flag while the Flag Bearer was taking it off the cord. Folding went well unit it got to our end where me and the lady across from me discovered there was no flap to tuck and so we momentarily furiously whispered "there's no flap to tuck" so we faked it and carried on. Inside the flag was unfolded and refolded correctly. Turns out, the fold got messed up in the middle.

Letterboxing was my Session 2. That was a lot of fun. We made our own stamps, booklets, and then went to find 3 boxes hidden around the camp. When you found the box you took the stamp and stamp pad from the box and stamped your booklet with it. Then you stamped the booklet in the box. My group was lame. We started as 5 and ended as 2. After the second clue the other 3 thought they were going to miss lunch and it was too far to Clue 3. Me and another lady decided to finish the hunt. So glad we did. Turns out her daughter and my Bridgette are now BFFs. They exchanged butterflies they made. So at the end of camp after this lady picked up her daughter she brought her to me and I asked her if she'd like to have our address so she and Bridgette could stay in touch. OMG! You'd think I was the most awesome person in the world by the way this girl was shining. It was an amazing feeling. AND what better way for these girls to stay in touch? Mine isn't allowed to email or text, yet. So they get to learn and appreciate the old art of letter writing.

My Stamp and Booklet. Yes, I forgot to make the P backwards and that is a kola bear, I think.

Troop Management was my Session 3. I am not sure what we learned as some of our classmates kind of derailed the class and the teacher. BUT I did learn about the forms and how to plan a meeting if you are clueless or at the last minute realize you forgot to plan it.

I did attend the Flag Retirement and participated. If I thought the Flag Ceremony was intense, this was off the charts intense. I could not explain the way it made me feel or what it made me think. It was almost overwhelming. I later received a grommet from one of the Flags. I think, I am supposed to bury it. (I thought I lost it. I found it when I was folding up my cargo bag to put it away.)

Grommet from Flag Retiremnet.

The campfire was awesome and fun. I volunteered to participate in a skit, cause apparently I lost my mind oh wait.....Never mind.

My skit was the Three Little Pigs. I was Practical Pig and had to do it in the character of cheerleader. I was the mascot for our Varsity Squad my Senior Year. The first pig was in the character of cowgirl or something like that. The second pig was in the character of Elvis. So glad it was too dark for photos....I hope.

Afterwards I stayed at the Lodge to play games. I learned I am bad at the can game, which is like the cup, or was it a can?,  try out from the movie Pitch Perfect. I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom. Then we played a hand game. No idea what this one is called but it goes like this:

You raise your left arm over your head then place it on the table stretched to your left. Raise your right arm over your head and stretch it out to your right side and place it over the person's left arm. Palms are flat, or as flat as you can, to the table. One person starts by tapping the table once. The next hand to the right goes and so on and so forth. If you mess up and tap your hand when you're not supposed to that hand is out and removed from the table. Once you go around like this a few times, you introduce that a double tap reverses the direction to the left or to the right depending on what direction you're going. Do this successfully for a couple rounds and you then introduce that a fist means the next hand in line is skipped. The last person with a hand or hands on the table wins.

Then we played black magic and I have no idea how to play it. Why? Because to know how to play you have to know the secret. People who know how to play cannot tell others the secret. It starts with a caller and a person who knows how to play.  The caller says to the group what is the game called? Group says black magic. The caller asks one of the people who knows how to play to close their eyes. The caller the asks a person in the group to pick an item in the room and point to it. Once it's picked and confirmed silently the caller asks the person to open their eyes. The caller then points to items and asks is this the item. They keep going til the item picked is said yes to.  Then it starts over with a new eyes closed person. So yeah, no idea the secret. Darn it.

While waiting for the auction we were once again learning songs and singing. Then it was decided we'd sing rounds. We apparently learned nothing from doing this at the campfire. I was volunteered to lead a section in the round. I suddenly could not remember the words and my poor group was lost. I was asked to sit and someone made the comment that the cheerleader was fired. I laughed and said, "Yep I was."

Then the auction of items which was intense at times. I came home with a bath product basket and a pampered chef basket. I bided furiously on a walking stick and had to quit when it got up to $96. It would have made an awesome gift for my Sean who just Crossed-Over to Boy Scouts from Cub Scouts.

I met some awesome people, learned some new things, had fun, and will be returning to Adult Fun Weekend again.

When I picked up the girls Meg ran straight to me and hugged me and hung on like a monkey asking why I left her. Then she proceeded to tell me she had fun, got a boo boo, and on and on. All while she was taking me to Bridge and their things. Bridge was just like, "Hey Mom."

By the way, would very much not recommend you break in new outdoor/hiking shoes at camp. On the up side, my shoes are now broke in.

My Shirt

The Shoes

*Updated Late afternoon March 4, 2013

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  1. This sounds like an incredible weekend!!!! Love the shirts that the kids did!


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