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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beast

So let's talk about the Beast. I guess it could be considered by most to be a Mini Beast but to me it's most definitely the Beast.

The Beast is a Trailblazer EXT. Beige (or whatever special color name they gave it). My new truck. Our new (to us) family vehicle. I don't even care if it's beige. It's beautiful. Bye Bye good 'ole Buick Regal. We've had a good run but we're definitely over.

Yesterday, Hubs got home from his 2 day business trip to Houston. YAY! I must say I really missed him, like I always do when he's gone. But this trip was a tad different. While he was in Houston he found a new truck for us. For me, really. A new family vehicle. He and his colleague spent a whole day looking for it. They were on a mission and apparently the vehicle gods were smiling down on them. Maybe even with a wink of humor? You see, I was completely sure I wanted a Chevrolet. Why? Call it ingrained from birth. Anyway, I told him that what would be best for us would be either an SUV like a Traverse or Suburban or an mini van. Any of those would definitely fit our family of 5 comfortable with room to spare.  They looked at 2 Explorers, 2 Trailblazers, and a Suburban. The Trailblazer won. For probably male reasons or maybe just cause it's what I said I wanted. Could be one of those reasons or a combo. 

Can I just say how amazing it is to once again have a vehicle with air conditioning. We live in Texas y'all, A/C is pretty much a necessity. We did have to go a little longer without A/C than we had planned. For sure he definitely found a new truck for us (me) sooner than I expected. Next to the A/C the pluses  are: all windows go down, room for us and a little more, remote lock/unlock w/alarm, and I now no longer feel like I am going to be road kill for other SUVs and such. My old Buick had no A/C and only 2 windows that went down. True, it's better than only one or no windows going down. It was hard enough for me to grin and bear it. Add 3 complaining kids, and well grinning and bearing it got a little tougher. I was never so happy to hear the news when he called. Since apparently he also posted it on FB first and I hadn't responded yet. After that I was pretty much in countdown mode. 

It's taken a bit for me to adjust to driving the Beast. Still adjusting as a matter of fact. It is quite a bit bigger than my old Buick. Yesterday evening, while driving to Sean's CS Rain Gutter Regatta I noticed a few small details that screamed he thought of me. He texted me saying he was having it cleaned and fluids changed. Pretty much standard when you buy a used car. I reached to change the radio station and realized I had hit a preset button. Just an autopilot thing. I didn't even consider I was in a new to me vehicle. Then I noticed there was a vent air freshener. I asked what scent it was. Hubs said it was cucumber melon. It hit me all at once, he had seen to every last detail he could think of. I could've cried right then. But I didn't. I was still processing. 

So this morning when we were driving to run errands I told him I noticed it. And that those two things meant the most to me, small as they were. It speaks volumes of the love he feels and how much he wanted this vehicle and me to easily mesh. 

Love that man of mine! Such a lucky gal. 


  1. Awesome! New cars are always nice and so are the small things.

  2. I have a Trailblazer and I love it. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off.


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