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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working Mom?

Well, I could potentially be a Working Mom. I have a job interview tomorrow. As y'all know, this could be the beginning of awesome changes for us. One of us having a Full Time job could put us well on our way to an honest to goodness plan to get out of the parents house. YAY!

The job is at a local day care center at a church. Yeah, I could be working with kids but I like that idea. Of course, me having this chance to work would come just days after hubs got a Part Time job. He works 2 days a week. Which is awesome in of itself. BUT our kids do not go to school in the area where the daycare vans run. Bummer. So there's a small logistics problem to figure out. I'm hopeful that this will be solved. We need this. So hopefully hubs can work out something with his job. I have people who could help me get my kids to the daycare twice a week but they don't live close by and would need gas money. Considering they live on the other side of town and would have to make big circle to another close by town helping them with gas is only fair.

Naturally, I am just a tad nervous for this interview. It's been at least 7 years since I have worked. I have only worked with other peoples kids once. I for a short time watched 2 little kids as a favor for an acquaintance for far less than what going rate was at that time. Is was great minus the fact the parents leaned towards flakiness and then some. At the time, hubs had a full time job. Before that I worked in an office for 5 years. In that 5 years I worked in Data Entry, Accounts Receivable, and Receptionist. My nervousness comes from the fact it's been so long since I've worked that I'm praying my interview skills are not that rusty. I have hope I
ll do well and even that I could actually get this job. I'm beyond thankful that they just didn't over look my application and move on. Let's be honest, after being at home for so long I have no marketable skills, or at least that was the way I was beginning to feel. Like I was being punished for staying at home with my kids rather than working just to pay for gas and daycare for my 3 kiddos.

I think my worry over the interview is sound. I was not exactly stellar at the phone portion. Yet, something (like Divine Intervention) lead the person on the phone to go ahead and tell me to come in for an interview. Every time I start to worry bout my lack of job experience in that last several years and my rusty interview skills, I stop and remember they are giving me a chance. I can work with that. I can.

Some of the he reactions from people around me kind had me wondering if people thought something was wrong with me being at home and liking it. All good but some ego busting comments. Like it being good for me to have a job so I can get out and be around adults. While that is probably true, it's not like I was chained to the house. I don't have many friends in town I can visit during the day. My best friend lives about 40minutes away. So, funds sometimes played a role in what I could do. Plus, I do honestly like being home and taking care of things. I still remember how catty it could get at my last job, and I for sure didn't miss that. If I get this job, I have no doubts I'll like working again. I'm all adaptable like that. Hubs is capable of taking over my pick up the kids and get them where they need to go duties. I have begun to let it sink in that he probably won't do as much house work as I do and may need lessons in proper laundry doing but we can manage.

We will manage. Cause at the end of the day, this is what we've been praying for. That one of us would get a job. Just so happens it was me. I might've wished it otherwise but this is what is in the works. I knew when I started filling out applications it could happen. I was not in any way just filling out applications just to say I was doing my part and trying. I've never in my life shied away from what was necessary.

All the positive thoughts and prayers would definitely be a plus if you so wish to share them. Thanks.