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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Writer's Workshop ~ Chaos Central

This is Blog/Vlog Post is part of Mama Kats Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop.

This weeks prompts were:

1.) A memorable high school job.
2.) That time you ran away from home.
3.) A boy you had a crush on…where is he now?
4.) Ode to your mother…write about a special memory you have of your mom in honor of Mother’s Day.
5.) 10 reasons why you could not be a real housewife from any county.

Bonus Vlog Option!
6.) Last week we talked about how your blog got it’s name…this week show us where the magic happens! Where do you do your blogging? When does it get done? How long does it take to write a post? How much time do you spend on the computer? etc. Tell us about the process!

As you have probably deduced by now I have taken the Bonus Vlog Option.

So what I learned:

I am brave to appear on camera like this.
I am a fairly excellent multi-tasker.
I have no desire to be a real *snicker* housewife of any county.
I think I need to talk someone into operating the camera for me.


  1. It's good to know I'm not the only one who lives in "chaos central"! My place is chaos central, too, but I wasn't brave enough to show it in my vlog.

  2. You are brave! I tried this last week, with mixed results! Congrats :)

  3. Hey what a great post! I can't imagine beimg that brave..oh and my cam is broken..but you make it look so easy and natural.

  4. Thanks for the comments y'all! Sadly the brave part was in not showing my cluttery space it was in being on camera in my DHs shirt I sleep in & w/hair unbrushed & fixed.

  5. Oh, sick kids are no fun. I agree procrastination is never a good thing.

  6. Nice job! You are definitely brave to get in front of the camera. Maybe one day I'll do it too :)

  7. Thanks y'all truly! I'm glad I can get in front of a camera like that (esp not looking perfect) and that it came across as natural cause I totally thought OMG what am I doing the whole time.

    @bridgesburning Thanks for saying it looks easy and natural =)

    @Jessica Yup! Sick kids muy bad. Procrastination equally bad but sadly story of my life some days.

    @Jackie you should totally do it! I was like no way at first but surprisingly it's not that bad.

  8. Great job on the video, you are very brave and did a great job!! Very good at multi tasking!!

  9. I agree, you are brave. We've had sick kids here too. My house is totally chaos when they're sick.

  10. Hi Paulette, I enjoyed your vlog!! And your daughter is beyond cute!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog/vlog too. You asked how I got the camera to stay on the computer - it's actually on an upturned copy paper box, which is on top of an overturned wire basket. The whole contraption is a little precarious but it has worked for me for two weeks now, so until I spring for a webcam, it is what it is! I vlog at work after everyone leaves - then the last two weeks I have gone running before going hom to edit everything.

    Thanks for visiting again and thanks for introducing us to you!

  11. Oh you did great - and you are gorgeous!!!!

  12. You did a wonderful job and really kept it real - I think that is wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday!

  13. @Jessica Thanks!

    @Georgia Girls Totally chaos central when they aren't feeling well. It was just allergy/sinus stuff they sent her home for throwing up and had no fever.

    @waytenmom Thanks! Trouble is Meggie knows she's cute. Love your McGuyver style of getting camera where you wanted it! Excellent use of resources!

    @Tracy *blush* Thanks for saying so.

    @Dana at Strawberry Tart! Thanks! "real: housewives would never appear on camera like that. lol

    Thanks again for all the comments and I loved visiting your blogs. =)

  14. Cute & Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. You look just fine to me ;) Go you for being brave and going with the vlog option. I'm going to do my first one next week and I'm a little scared!

  16. You are brave to try a vlog! You did a great job!

  17. It's our moments of being "normal" moms that make women easy to approach and relate to. You did a great job being both!

  18. Love the kids in the background! It makes it "real" and exactly what it sounds like at my house most of the time.

  19. @Mommy Lisa You're welcome! I look forward to seeing your vlog nxt wk.

    @Barbara =)

    @Sugar Mama Aww

    @Minivan Mama So true. Real is always good!

    Thanks for all the comments y'all!


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