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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The New 3 Way Calling

Picture if you will, it's 1990 something. You want to chat with your girlfriends or that boy you're not allowed to talk to unless he calls you. Not that I'd know about the latter. But alas, you do not have 3 way calling on your phone. So, you call your friend that does. She's probably your BFF. Friend connects a 3rd party and now your chatting like there's no tomorrow.

Well, enter in the modern day era. There's this magical place called the internet. Now all your friends and family seem to live there in your computer. Probably on Facebook. While crushing candy or whatever you do on Facebook, you can chat with people. OMG! Now it's the Ultimate Girl Chat! I know!

Me and 2 of my besties have this continuous chat going. All day, all night, any time, any where. 24/7/365 access to girl chat. It totally rocks because it's truly no holds barred convo. Sometimes TMI, sometimes zany, sometimes serious, and always fun!

Sure, you could probably have done something similar on all the various instant messengers, AOL anyone?, but you'd have to have that same messenger service. Of course, there's always texts, but texts are less fun, I think. Then again, texts are kinda awesome and there's the whole unlimited data plans now that most seem to have. I know I do.

Then there's the twitter. Which well, I can take or leave on most days. It's fun. But not the best way to talk to a group of you besties about things you probably don't want the world to know. So, that leaves the Facebook Chat. The grown up version of 3 way calling. Bonus, not limited to 3 people.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brush Away the Dust and Cobwebs

So, it's been ages and ages since I've posted anything. I just didn't feel compelled to. Lots going on and didn't have the time, or make the time, or have the want to post.

So, since last I posted I've been up to the following:

Participated in our church's Christmas Musical. WHOA! Big step out of box for me. Like major HUGE step. Some drama with it, as with any production, I guess. Had a blast! Really did.

Learning to make my own clothes detergent and bath soak/salt. Trying to sell it locally. I have like 3 customers. I'm ok with that. For now. I shared the uber secret recipe (NOT!) with my cousin. Her Moms group made spring cleaning service project for a local women's shelter. From what I hear they made a ton of detergent and had fun doing it. I've noticed that my clothes look and feel better. Also that my kids, especially the youngest, are itching less. BFF's son is obsessed with not running out and makes sure his Mama knows it. Source of infinite humor for us.

Pissing off family of the in-laws variety which finally resulted in us moving to our very own place! YAY!! It was a big huge kerfuffle and I won't go into details on what all went down. Suffice it to say that those that know me personally know exactly everything. The result is family that has nada to do with me and gives me the cold shoulder. Fine with that. It may change someday or it may not. I said my I'm sorrys and the ball is in their court.

Settling into to our new castle and all that fun stuff. I so forgot what it was like to have space of my own. New town, new schools, renewed life. All 3 of my kids will be in 3 different schools. YIKES! Elementary, Intermediate, and Jr High. My son is positively freaking out about Jr High. I keep talking with him about how not to borrow trouble and he'll only know what it's like when he starts school. He's handling the change fairly well. Maybe because he would've been switching schools anyway. We still have roller coaster mood days but we're better able to handle it as not so many are involved in the parenting of my kids. Lot to be said for living Full House style but I much prefer only Hubby and I being involved in our kids parenting w/o any undermining of any sort. That's something that Full House doesn't show ya. Maybe it works for some people, but I am thinking for most it doesn't.

Putting things into motion to go back to school. College that is. SCARY! I know I can do this and I have a awesome BFF who is 2 years into her back to school experience. She was instrumental in tutoring me in math. That whole skills test thingamajig you have to take to see if you need remedial classes, I pulled Math 2 thanks to her. So yes, I need remedial math, but I don't have to start at the very bottom. Thank You BFF! I'm going for teaching and maybe a side of business so I can be helpful to my Hubby.

Pissing off more relatives. Of step family variety. (Her Mom was married to my Daddy til she passed away in 2002). This one is actually stupider than the first one. I merely posted a Snopes link on Facebook saying that okra water isn't in fact a cure all for diabetes on my sister's photo link she shared. This got me called a know it all. I could've and should've ignored it. I instead said that I was trying to be helpful and fact check so people would know. That got a whatever comment. Feeling snarky I posted a link to the urban dictionary's definition of whatever. I also said, bless your heart. And just like that that person deleted their comments. I kinda giggled and left my comments. I mean, why delete them? It looks suspicious when you do that. Later my step sister's SO posted the same know it all comment. I told her bless her heart, too. I probably should've said nothing. Snarky mood and all, I guess. Then she went above and beyond and managed to somehow make it about my past. How I tell lies about the past, how I think my shit doesn't stink, that I am a homophobe, ugliness about my Hubby, and that I never should've been let out of the psych ward. I then posted 2 or 3 Bible versus about how we should speak and not judging. Yes, she said all that and more just because I shared a link. Not days earlier my sister was thankful I shared a Snopes link saying that instant noodles were not in fact covered with cancer causing wax. She then proceeded to demand I get blocked by said sister. This person then signed into said sister's account to block me. I know if someone made that decision for me, I would be so pissed. Didn't even get a chance to talk to or with sister. The only contact we have is on Facebook anyway. Sometimes we see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I cannot tell you how many times I've been friended, unfriended, and blocked by this set. It usually doesn't get to me. This time it did. It hurt and it pissed me off. I know it probably shouldn't have. I get where that comes from.

I'll still stay nice to those who hurt me when I see them and pray for them. Pretty much all I can do. I'll try not to flip out about how fast my kids are growing up and being nervous about starting back to school myself. Contemplating participating in our church musical again even though I am going back to school. I think it helps keep my focus on the meaning of life and forces me to share with others, even if all I do is invite them to the program. One step at a time, right?

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Hopefully I won't be a stranger any longer here.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Memory of Donna

Me and Donna at Cowboys Stadium, June 2012 

We experienced the Breaking Dawn and the Brothers of the Sun. 
Some fab girl time and even a double date with a little Jake Owen on the side.
I'll have to wait for awhile yet to hug you once more but I know the view is much better from where you are.